Ali's Bistro

216 W Broad St, Statesville
(704) 380-3111

Recent Reviews

Chris Moore

Very delicious food!! Yummy meats, great spices. Would recommend this gem to anyone. The owner is a really nice guy as well. Works hard to give the customer the best experience possible.Food: 5/5

david geiken

This will be my second visit to Ali's... this food is made in real time. So know, time and attention is being put into your food. The first visit, I had nothing but a big smile and a full stomach and I'm leaving in the same exact state the second time around. Hospitable, nice and well worth the trip every time. I can't recommend this place more.

Phoebe Lee

Super yummy and friendly. We got the Bistro Mixed Grill and Peri Peri Fried Chicken sandwich. Great flavor and all made to order. The Masala Fries are delicious.

Saad Khan

We were in the area and decided to drop by for a quick bite at Alis bistro. Heard alot about it so decided to check it out.We ordered a Philly and Peri chicken sandwich with fries. Both came out quick and fresh. You can tell that it's all made to order because of the freshness. We also got a chicken tikka over rice and it was really great ! Great taste and quality.Looking forward to visiting again soon !

Brian Kirst

Service was great and the food is top notch. You can tell they are serious about putting out quality food. We got a fried chicken sandwich, cheesesteak, wings, as well as lamb and rice and everything came out perfect.Food: 5/5

Albert P.

A solid pick for a quick lunch or snack - dine in or take out. Everything was made fresh to-order and the owner was a very nice and hard-working guy. A simple establishment, but a diverse menu that is very Americanized. No overly strange or strong spices, and medium-sized portions at a good price. I had the falafel wrap, and the deep-fried chickpea was tasty without having too much spice or seasoning. Lettuce and tomato were fresh and well balanced in the wrap. I opted for the seasoned fries which were nice and the perfect salt balance. There is a couple of tables out front for the sunnier time of day, and a great record store next door to browse through while you digest the meal. Next time I will try some of the more exotic items... several people came in for the chicken tikka and rice dishes and appeared to be regulars.

Jeanette C.

We were shopping downtown and decided to eat dinner here because we saw some Indian options. I ordered the Chicken Tikka Wrap. It was fresh and was good. The owner gave us an habanero hot sauce that was hooottt. It wasn't too spicy for my taste, but it get the tongue tingly. Usually when restaurants say the sauce is's not usually hot, but this one is definitely hot. Try this place out and find out for yourself!

Denise Mounts

The food was great and the staff were super friendly. I had the garlic parmesan wings. The sauce was flavorful and the wings were crispy. It's so hard to find a place that makes wings crispy. My friend had the burger and fries which were both very good. The seasoning on the fries is very tasty. Will definitely go back the next time we are passing through.

Travis S.

Very slow service! Took 40 mins to get hamburger and fried. It was way to salty and wasn't as ordered. Leaves a lot to be desired. Avoid, you will be happier.

The world is a jojo reference

I got a Philly Cheese Steak and it was delicious! The place also has a very friendly atmosphere. The man who gave me my food was very friendly while I was ordering and when he gave me my food, he complimented a drawing I was working on. It was a great experience :).

Levy P.

Not even close to any type of Middle East food at all , just a simply junk food ... at least they trying to cook !! Here's and example of chicken tikka over rice , so I don't know where they get this dish from . Same $$ they charge for this ($16)you could easily go and eat well BLT sandwich at twister oaks or have nice meal at crackers barrel for way less !!

Zane Shelton

We ordered takeout and the staff was very friendly and made sure they understood our order. We got the kebab over rice, chicken tikka over rice, chicken tikka wrap, a grilled chicken sandwich and a piña colada boba tea! All of it tasted amazing! We are from out of town but will definitely come back when we are back in town.

Dave Myers

Excellent! This "Damn Yankee" finally found a cheese steak worthy of the name. When I heard the spat going rat-a-tat on the grill I knew it would be good. It was great. My wife had the grilled chicken and lamb with mixed vegetables over rice. She loved it. I can recommend Ali's without reservation. It will be worth your while to stop in.

Leigha Lee

Food was incredible! Super flavorful and lots of different options. They have something for everybody. Owner was super helpful and accommodating. The boba tea was also great! I highly recommend stopping by and giving this place a visit. I will definitely be coming back.

Kathryn M. Flerx

My first experience with American/Middle Eastern food and it was delicious! I asked Ali what he recommended and I got a combination of chicken, lamb and falafel over rice with a small side salad. It was made fresh and it was plentiful and delicious! They also have burgers, Philly Cheese Steak etc for the less adventurous! I recommend being an adventurer - you'll be glad you were!

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