1612 E Broad St, Statesville
(704) 873-2570

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Tammy Jack

My husband's dinner was fine but I ordered the dinner Dalai with grilled chicken. The lettuce was brown and in some cases rotting at the bottom of the bowl. I did not finish it. I lost my appetite.

Michael Davis

What a disappointment Bojangles has become. I ordered the 20 piece family bundle to bring over to my family, who recently had someone pass away. Since I didn’t want them to have to cook. Not only was the order missing sides when I got there, the chicken and mainly biscuits had a horrible burnt plastic taste. You could smell it on the biscuits. I don’t know what it was but it made the meal inedible. $40 for some fast food that was terrible. Stay away from the Bojangles in Statesville.

Maura Fellman

Disgusting . Tea tasted old like the ice was dirty...chicken was dry (tenders)Everything in general had an off taste to it like it was old.They should be ashamed 20$ for 2 meals we had 2 throw in the trash.

Charlie Alexander

If you like chicken that's the place to go


They Have Amazing Customer Service The Food Is Really Good And Lauren And Jocelyn Assisted Me Very Well I Highley Recommend It

Luke Hobbs

The food is always great but the speed of service is horrible.

Brian Nichols

Service was good,, but only had grill chicken or sausage biscuits!!!

George Deal

They still don't have the dinning room vehicle was too large to get through the drive through. I had to walk up to the window.

Stockman1 Bath

I've been here several times and the food was fresh and hot. The staff had always been polite and friendly.

Chuck Tatum

Very polite and kind cashiers and order takers. Thanks for being helpful.

Adam Craig

Was really excited 2 try this place but it really disappointed me. Chicken was super dry. Probably close 2 the driest I ever had

Damian Swain

Worst service ever. Unfortunately I live bojangles and go there frequently but the manager there is terrible, she can't ever get orders right. I've been there probably 30 times in the past year and my order has been right maybe three times if could give a power rating I would!

Erin Gaskin

Gotta love Bobos! The staff is great here. Everyone is so friendly and they always get my order right. Quick service, good food, smiling faces.

Kat C.

I was craving a sweet potato pie.The staff was amazing.

Jean Stewart

They did a great job until I got home and had my order wrong. Ordered pintos as a side and got dirty rice instead. Last time they got it wrong too.

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