K&W Cafeteria

1175 Glenway Dr, Statesville
(704) 871-0191

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Carl S.

I love the options and the home cooked taste. Everything is really good here. The green beans are awesome. Turkey and dressing is really tasty and the desserts are very well prepared ... something for everyone and kids meals are very moderately priced! Great place to stop while traveling too

liz r

Although several locations around the state have closed, those that are open deserve your support to keep those jobs, many for seniors. Check with your local Cafeteria, but the one in Statesville has an unbelievable special on Mondays and Saturdays, two entire meals for $19.99 plus tax, and of course please tip! This is a choice of meat, two vegetables, a drink like tea or coffee, a choice of bread and dessert! And the added bonus is even people on special diets can find something to eat. Are you dining alone? I asked, and YES, I could eat one dinner there and get the second one to go! Who can beat that! We always find the food is good.

liz r

they all wore masks, they sit people apart, they have a great selection of food, good for vegans and gluten free. Monday and Saturdays are 2 complete meals, including dessert and bread, for 19.99! they have a sugar free dessert every day, too,.

Phillip Foss

Always good fresh food, large variety, you won't go home hungry.

Allen Keller

The meal at this cafeteria was one of the worst meals I've had in a long time. I asked for fried chicken and received baked chicken instead. The fried okra was undercooked and was soggy. I like crispy okra. The small bowl of green beans looked like green mush and had no flavor. For dessert, I chose what I thought was pecan pie. I was informed by the lady serving that it was German chocolate pie. Anyway, whatever it was, it was as dry as desert sand and had no flavor. The best items were the cornbread and the iced tea. As far as the service was concerned, one lady on the service line did not need to be working in a public place. She talked to the customers in a very rude way. The man in line in front of me reached under the glass for some pie, and she told him to get his hand back that he wasn't supposed to be doing this.I did the same thing, and she said nothing. She also berated people if they said the wrong name of an item. Also, the cashier who figured our bill was rude. We asked her if we were to pay her. In a "smart" tone, she said that we couldn't pay her because she was only taking money on certain nights. We were told to pay on our way out after she huffed and puffed. The young lady who refilled our glasses in the dining area was very nice. She acted as if it was a pleasure to serve us. She was also very friendly and never complained when we asked her to get something for us. The cashier at the exit was also great. She was the type of person who should be dealing with the public. I also had to pay a visit to the restroom. There was tissue on the floor and water in some places. The toilet and sink could have used a good cleaning and the floor could have used a good scrubbing. I have dined at K & W in Winston-Salem many times during the past 50 years, but it had been several years since I had eaten there. I was looking forward to dining at the cafeteria in Statesville because the one in Winston-Salem was so clean and the workers were so nice and the food was delicious. I will not be returning to this establishment again, and I will not recommend it to anyone. Unfortunately, one star is the lowest rating that I could give.

Frances Cash

Went 330 on New Year's day. Not enough help, one person working whole line. Ran out of black eyed peas( on New Years day) cabbage and cornbread was good.

Rae Freeman

The humans that work here are a whole vibe! great service!

Judy McClelland

Didnt care for it, they served you, didnt get much food, had to oay for each item separate, kept running out of everything, had to take whatever was left(buffet style). Will not go back, will not reccomend

Michiell T.

My husband, son and myself stopped in here for dinner one evening. They weren't busy. The service was excellent. The server Jerry was absolutely a treat! We will be back for sure.

Rick Dorsett

Awesome food. Will miss it

HotRod on the quad

I can't believe I been passing this spot all these years. When ya fam good home cooked meals are nowhere near you. K&W cafeteria will get you right. The smothered country fried steak (my new favorite) with rice mac and cheese broccoli and corn bread hut just right.

Kim Snow Steele

The Owner and his Employees at Shaver Wood Products ordered our Thanksgiving lunch from the Statesville K&W last week ! Thank you to the staff and everyone that helped to make our meal so delicious and working with myself for an easy order and pickup !!!

David Graham

I just went today .11/14/20. Food was ok .they have really cutback on the deserts and really cutback on the staff .they are so short staffed it wasn't an enjoyable meal .most of the tables hadn't been cleaned and trying to get a togo box was near impossible because the cashier was doing way more then she should have been doing .not sure if I will be back .another restaurant going down the tubes

Rodriquez Garrison

I can't believe I been passing this spot all these years. When ya fam good home cooked meals are nowhere near you. K&W cafeteria will get you right. The smothered country fried steak (my new favorite) with rice mac and cheese broccoli and corn bread hut just right.

Annette Tyree

Food cold seen waitress once this place used to be great before Clovis now no way

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