Pizza Corner

223 S Norwood St, Wallace
(910) 552-0045

Recent Reviews

Osee Fagan

Amazing experience, the owner opened the door for us, I had my 2 young kids on a road trip and he sat us right in front of a tv and turned on a kid’s movie. We had an amazing time and experience.

Justin Williamson

A nice corner stop for lunch and dinner. Staff was friendly and made ordering easy. Clean and organized with well laid out seating. Easy in and out.Our pizza was hot, fresh, and yummy. Prices were fair. $30 included tip, a small pizza, and two drinks.Food Preparation: 7/10Cleanliness: 7/10Service: 8/10Price: 7/10

Debbie Wilson

Great little pizza place, very cute but most importantly delicious pizza!!!! We had a wonderful server and it was a nice family atmosphere. I will definately be going back I saw alot of Italian dishes on the menu that I'm eager to try?

Michael Smith

Not just a pizza restaurant. All the food here is always good. The menu includes pizza, hamburger steak plates, subs, gyros, stromboli along with other items. My favorites are their steak & cheese sub, hamburger steak plates and their pizza. Their steak & cheese subs and pizza are the best around the area. A child's size of their hamburger steak is all that I can eat, the regular size hamburger steak is enough for 2 people unless you are a really big eater!

Dee Williams

? Burgers and Fries are good.. but the HOUSE ? PIZZA is my Family favorite.. whenever we are in Wallace we try to get one and take it home. Thanks for being consistently good over the years?.. Always smiling faces working the drive threw window.

Martin Garcia

I got a meatball sandwich, some wings, and some fries the other day. It was absolutely terrible. The top of the bread was stale and the bottom was soggy. The sandwich was just thrown in there and tasted like vinegar. The wings were just nasty and had very little flavor. Then the fries were crazy salty. I took two bites of all three and just threw it away. The pizza is okay at best. On top of the terrible food, it's expensive.

Andrew Adkins

The pepperoni bacon pizza is awsome. Also the service is great.

Latavia Hardy

The only things good about this place was the sweet tea and the staff. The steak on the sub was bland. The fries have absolutely no salt on them. The pizza was straight oily and the cheese overwhelmed the pizza sauce. The main disappointment was the baklava. It was MICROWAVED! Soggy on the bottom, hard to cut, and tasted like it was put in a partially cleaned container. And on top of that, $40 bucks!? For terrible food? Will never come back here. Wouldn't recommend this place.

Jennifer Costin

The last time we got carryout from here, we were very disappointed. Part of our order was missing and none of us really enjoyed our food. We decided tonight that we would give them another chance. Once again, part of our order was missing and the food was not good at all. Not one of our five family members ate much of the meal because it was so disappointing again.

Nancy Giordano

The food is absolutely delicious! You can't find a better pizza or pasta dish anywhere in this area. Reasonable wait time and affordable.

Chris Stull

Food was ok. Nothing bad. Nor nothing to write home about.However, when the food, you serve in your establishment, takes a ridiculously long amount of time to prepare & ultimately serve to customers, one would almost expect their order to be: better than "subpar"! Not fantastic but definitely better than average! You'd hope anyway!In summary; the "waiting period" should have yielded way better food!

Phil Rochelle

We ate there for lunch today and had pizza and it was one of the best pizza I had in a long time

Chris Bays

Several months ago some friends of mine introduced me to Pizza Corner, and I’ve eaten there SEVERAL times since. I’ve never had anything bad there, and they give you more food than you can eat at an extremely good price. Want great good at an even greater price.....try Pizza Corner. Tell’em Chris sent you.

Jeremy Isett

I had a gyro and a Greek salad, those were good. My son got a pizza, it was meh.

Beauregard Sasquatch

Great little pizzeria. The area is lucky to have this place. Competent and friendly wait staff, good food, decent prices. Highly recommend

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