Sweet & Savory Bakery & Deli

6 S Jefferson Ave, West Jefferson
(336) 846-8888

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zvi gilinsky

The sandwiches & salads are great, the pepper soup is amazing but the apple cake was the best part of our visit!!


Sweet and Savory offers soups, salads, sandwiches and homemade dessert options. Their roasted red pepper soup is something you should definitely try on a cold day!

Tom Balsom

Great place!! Good food. Highly recommend.

Bud G

On a crowded Saturday afternoon, S and S did a great job of seating us, and were efficient with the service on a booming day. The roasted red pepper soup was as rumored, excellent!! Really fresh ingredients here in their salads and sandwiches. Priced reasonably. Not fancy, nor is the menu. Bakery items looked great too.


We had a recommendation from local store for this restaurant and it didn't disappoint us. We noticed the helpings were plentiful so we shared a chicken salad sandwich, with apples and grapes, and it was delicious. We were very well satisfied with our sandwich so couldn't eat any of the delicious looking desserts. The people running the restaurant were very friendly and looked like they enjoyed working there.

Andrea Sparks

Really wonderful friendly service the bake goods were delicious. The food is all homemade. A real hometown deli.

Monica Cox

Very friendly staff and excellent food. Homemade desserts and the friendly family atmosphere makes you feel at home.


We went to West Jefferson exclusively to eat here (and go to Lowe’s) and it was well worth the drive. Our relatives that live nearby told us it was impossible to make a mistake on the menu and this proved true. Pick whatever sandwich you like but do not miss the roast red pepper soup. The people here absolutely make you feel at home.

Daniel Dickey

The roasted red pepper soup was amazing! The sandwiches were delicious. The staff was nice. Very wholesome place.


Place is fantastic. I always go with a bowl and my wife gets the french toast. both are fantastic. great coffee and get there at 850 so you are good to go when they open at 9.

Tessa McGowan

The shop and service were great and prices were reasonable but the panini was not so great. Hot sandwiches shouldn’t be cooked with the lettuce and tomatoes on them. The lettuce and tomato should be offered on the side or put on after heating process to keep the lettuce from becoming limp and the tomatoes from sogging up the bread. The ambrosia (fluff as they call it) was on point. Overall, okay. My husband says the tuna melt was pretty good though.

Thomas Aycock

We've now eaten here twice. It's a gem of a bakery/ deli/ eatery. We had the reubon with their roasted red pepper soup...OMG, SO GOOD!

Kathy K.

Great happy service. Nice selection and the chocolate chip cookies were awesome thanks for the no nuts.


We had a group of 7 and we are locals. It was NEVER mentioned that they would add the tip to the bills. I left a tip on the table and when I went to pay I told her that I left a tip on the table. She just shook her head "ok"......... then when she told me the amount of my bill I thought it was high and said "that much?" I just paid it. Later I received my itemized receipt via email..... SURE ENOUGH...... she had added a 20% tip on the bill for my husband and I. So she got a double tip. First off, it should be told when ordering if you are with a group that the tip will be included, not all places do that for groups and we told her that it was me and my husband and all others were singles. She never mentioned a thing. Second when we paid, she should have mentioned it and especially when I had specifically told her that I left a tip on the table and thought the bill was high..... BEWARE. However, on a good note, the food was very good. I don't like being taken advantage of. I will let all my friends and family know so that they are aware of how they do business.

Stacy C.

I love the BLT salad! I added grilled chicken and was so happy to see that it's not the typical "pressed" chicken filet but a delicious, juicy grilled chicken breast. The service is the friendliest in town. Misty and Tiffany are a great team, ensuring their customers are welcomed and happy. Skip the chains, enjoy this sweet locally owned restaurant with charming staff and amazing food. If you order for pickup, it's fast and still excellent quality. Someone said something about lemon juice packets as if that's a bad thing. As someone who worked in restaurants for years (high end) I can promise you that you don't want to know how many hands are in the cut lemon bucket during a typical shift. Lemon packets are sanitary, and the only way I would add lemon to my water in any restaurant. Keep up the great work ladies!

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