Smithfield Chicken 'N Bar-B-Q

1203 N JK Powell Blvd, Whiteville
(910) 802-9888

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Jackie Turner

I have ate at a lot of Smithfield restaurants. The food was terrible this time the barbeque had so much vinegar in it and they didn't get the over cooked parts out of the meat and the baked beans were dried out. The potato salad and the hush puppies were the only thing that was good.?

Dee Williams

Smithfield's done at it's BEST served fresh and with joy. ??

Keith Jefferys

New to Whiteville. Chicken was ok, not as good as local Pigfords or KFC but, better than some others close by. BBQ is very good. Seemed a little pricey for this area.

Michael Ramsey

I have been to many of the Smithfield Chicken and BBQ restaurants thru out NC, this is the beast of all, combo white was perfect, services was great....i will be back

Joshua Dunbar

The food tasted fine, but for $10 it was a waste of money, small portion size 5 hushpuppies and a bbq sandwich that barely had any bbq on it, I'll pass this up next round

Allison Lewis

If I could give this Smithfield location in Whiteville a zero to negative star I would! It's horrible, even down to the service. The BBQ we purchased still had raw pieces of pork in the sandwich with more fat than meet. The coleslaw we had on the side not on the sandwich, so it came in a small container. OH MY, and let me tell you.... the coleslaw was old and soupy/watery with a bad smell. My poor hush puppies was still frozen some on the inside? I was not able to get a refund or food replacement (I wouldn't want replacement food), due to I was not able to come right back. I was in for the night with my family. BUT..... I would recommend Lumberton NC Smithfield, service and food is on point! This set up in Whiteville NC is just a quick dollar due to all the beach traffic they get.

Susan Dean

Had pecan pie and coffee. I found out coffee is free. Coffee is very good. Staff is super friendly. Absolutely will come back!

Keep Trying

I’ve eaten here several times since they’ve been open, and honestly I feel sorry for the Employees.Dealing with the attitudes of Columbus county The food has been to the same Smithfield standard, the restaurant is clean, every employee I have had the opportunity to talk to has always been polite. Good luck Smithfield’s

Alethea Ellis

The workers were being disrespected by the shift leaders, they were busy but short staffed, the drive thru was packed and our food was cold after waiting in line for 20 minutes. We decided to go dine in and was told that they were closing and we were unable to dine in. We will not return.

Kamya Jones

Tried the new Smithfield. I spent about $40 considering I love alot of Smithfield other locations. The food came out fast even though they were very busy. My chicken was dry and very bland. My bbq was not shredded well also was very bland. My fries were also cold and very limp. Overall bad first time considering everyone was waiting on this to open up. Oh well they wont get my money anymore. First time impression is so very important.

Nicholas Prince

Not impressed!Visited mid-afternoon.Pork sloppy wet, hush puppies hard and lukewarm, tea had a bitter edge underneath the almost syrupy sugar content. Back off with the sugar--it is called 'sweet tea' not 'syrup tea'. Coleslaw tasted a little "off"--don't want to say it went over and spoiled, but damn close to that state. Been years since I had food from Smithfield's(Harnett Co) and their standards haven't changed--do bare minimum to make edible pork and call it "barbecue".Next time I want BBQ, I'll make the drive across town to Joe's!Restroom was in a horrid state. Someone had an "explosive accident" and mess was drying, which meant employees hadn't been in there for a while. Told counter help about it. Got a shrug in response.Won't be going back.

patrick kern

Good food needs some work, it was good to have it here. Now we need a Chick-fil-A

Rosio Mcrae

Hush puppies to small don’t taste to good chicken to salty sweet tea to sweet! I’ve had better from lumberton location I don’t think I’ll be back.

Mike Soles

First time trying today and it was not good , chicken not quite done and no flavor . Hope it gets better because I really like other locations I've been to and was looking forward to them coming to whiteville , will try again to see if gets better

Amanda McPherson

The service was fast and servers were very nice .. my family and I enjoyed it tremendously

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