Indochine Express

5120 S College Rd #108, Wilmington
(910) 530-3013

Recent Reviews

Jack Klugman

This is an off shoot of the one and only Indochine, how could it be bad? More food than any human could possibly eat in one sitting and even worse is that you can't stop because it's that good.Yummy in my tummy...Please, please think about a venue in Leland (my side of the Cape Fear river) so I don't have to swim to get a great meal.

Zack B

This food slaps, I love Indochine and glad there’s another location. Food was amazing, highly recommend if you want quick takeout.

Josh Newkirk

I ordered from Indochine express at a friends recommendation and we were not disappointed. It was quick, fresh and still a good amount of food. I love the Indochine restaurant... but I’m not a huge fan of sitting at dinner for hours so this was a great decision to get a great meal without the long dinner wait.

Paemae Fred

Great lunch specials! Lemon grass pork with fried rice is amazing, as well as the green curry dish! Staff is so friendly, took the time to explain different items happily!

Rian Caison

Awesome food and friendly staff!! I love Thai food and this was on point, just like Indochine! Will definitely be going back.


We called in an order for 3 dishes (pepper steak, yum yum chicken, and pad Thai.) All dishes taste like bad Chinese takeout and not at all like Indochine! No salads were included, as they are when you order takeout from Indochine. On top of the food being pretty bad and no salads, Indochine Express wouldn’t take Indochine gift cards. Is the Express actually affiliated with our beloved Indochine?

Brandon Strickland

Was excited for this place to be opened so close to me however, after two visits, very disappointed. Like so many other reviews on here, food was bland and lacked any flavor. We both ordered our food "Hot" and there was literally ZERO spice. You pay full menu price just like in the sit down restaurant without the service or salad. Save your time and money and just go the Market Street location.Hopefully management will see these negative reviews and make the necessary changes.

James Murray

I have always enjoyed Indochine on Market and was super excited to hear about the express location. All of my expectations were met. The Singapore Noodles are spot on! The lunch specials at $8.95 are a great price and many other dinner items available at the main location are here too. I’ll be back often.

Canes Fan

Was very excited for this restaurant to open as I love visiting the other location on market. The food lives up to the quality of the market location and absolutely worth the drive over.Service was quick too.

David Eason

I am and will be a regular customer, but I am so ? disappointed with the IMPERIAL PINEAPPLE RICE dish I just ate. It was nearly 95% RICE with little of the proteins advertised (shrimp, chicken, pork, Chinese sausage) and but 2 mini chunks of pineapple. No peanuts, no cashews. Tasty rice but not much else.My recommendation would be to order one of their curry dishes or even one of their noodle dishes which have more ingredients.DISAPPOINTED IN MYRTLE GROVE

Denise Pinson

Class act! They went above and beyond to make sure I was a happy customer, and of course the food was amazing. Thanks Indo Express, can’t wait to come back.


Wonderful dinner! Service was spot on and the food was delightfully delicious! I can’t stop thinking about it since being there this week. We actually were able to eat in with them and the experience was superb from beginning to end. We will be going back again this week!

Henry Sneed II

I was terribly disappointed in comparison to the orginal Market St. I was excited to eat. Food was very bland and it reminded me of a high priced Chinese food restaurant. Food was cold and priced was way too high. Will never visit it again. Disappointed from start to finish. This location gives the Market St. location a bad reputation and name.

Filipe F.

Great little place, I wish the Thai Tea was fresh, but the food was absolutely authentic! It was a bummer regarding the broths, they all contain animal product unsuitable for vegetarian. I was looking forward to a Tom Kha or even Pho. Good news the service was great! It was fast and attentive service, despite ordering at the front desk they will bring you the food to your table. I enjoyed the atmosphere and the food is inviting me to return. I wish I had more time in the area to try different dishes. For sure next time I will stop by to try other dishes.

Justin Davidson

First off I love Indochine!! Once I found out they opened an express location I was thrilled. Upon my initial arrival I immediately noticed the volume of phone calls coming in. It seemed overwhelming to me, but the employees were striving. The lady at the front was polite and asked me if I called in or want to order. I responded with “call in” and she grabbed my food, I payed, and was out. I ordered a curry with a couple veggies left out and replaced them with something else and it was fantastic. Highly recommend this place for anybody who is looking for great food with giant portions. My dish lasted me for two meals easily.

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