Confluence Gaming Cafe

Midway Town Center, 11141 Old U.S. Hwy 52 Suite 6, Winston-Salem
(336) 293-7223

Recent Reviews

Chicken Tingles

Great coffee, excellent flavorings, wonderful staff, and a lot of fun games. Definitely a favorite meeting place now.

Chris Bamper

Great coffee

William Boyer

I love to come buy coffee before work in the morning and return on my breaks to buy a soda, maybe a snack such as chips or items from the catering company next door like protein bars and cookies and more, and play retro video games on the NES, SNES, Genesis, N64, PlayStation, Dreamcast, GameCube, etc. I hear an Atari, my first game console, will be set out soon. Always love chatting with the staff and posting adverts on their bulletin board. And if I can ever get my wife or friends to come out, I'd love to take advantage of the vast array of board games too! Also, the church in the storefront a couple doors down is a Pokemon Go game PokeStop for anyone interested.

Melissa Duggins

Great selection, prices and games!!!

Steve Klein

great place to play a game and spend time

Amanda Annas

The kids love it here between the video & board games they have a blast!

Colby King

Consoles worked well, drinks were reasonably priced. It'd be a nice place for a group to go hang out

aaron brite

Cozy plain space for meeting friends over a good coffee and a game. And yes, the coffee is good! No frills or added junk mocha fresh and tasty. Board games and video games on hand or bring your own.

Brian Swicegood

Cool Place with Awesome Staff

Sonya Woosley

Love the lattes and frappes. Friendly staff willing to try new combinations and make what you want.

Raleigh Grant

Fun place to hang out and enjoy retro video games board games and play trading card games with friends. They make a fantastic cup of coffee or any coffee drink for that matter along with having plenty of snacks and other drinks. The environment is great and the employees are friendly and know video games. Also most of the artwork along the wall is very unique and abstract it's also for sale.

Sky Hunt

Relaxed atmosphere, serves great coffee drinks, as well as a variety of alcoholic drinks. Completely open for hosting gaming events!

reboomus zephrium

Good gaming and chill group. Helpful and rather personable help

Michael Lippman

Great place for coffee and having a good time!

Hailey Huffman

We've stopped in twice now. Great coffee and beer selection. They also have cheerwine and other glass bottle sodas. Plenty of games to choose from. Looking forward to spending more time here and glad it's close to home.

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