El Rancho Taqueria

613 E Sprague St, Winston-Salem
(336) 785-9112

Recent Reviews

Mark B.

If you love authentic Mexican food, if you love a good bargain, This is your place. Amazing food and prices. Even a take out deal of 12 tacos and a 2 liter for $20. Amazing and real mexican food.

Frank P.

This might be the best Mexican restaurant in all of Stuart. It's authentic Mexican food, which can be very hard to find. The best thing to me thought is their drinks. Let me say, I am addicted to the strawberry drink that they make. It's so good. They add a little bit of dairy too it so it's rich. It also have strawberry chunks in it. The mango is good too but the strawberry is the best. If you go, you have to get a tostada and a door. In my opinion, those are the best two things on the menu. You want to get them both with beef. I usually stay away from red meat but at restaurants like this, I just can't resist. The meat is so well seasoned. Also, la creama is the best topping a foodie could as for at a Mexican restaurant.

Roofing RoofRoof

Good food, good price, customer service85%good

DieAnna Troi

Muy delicioso. This is as authentic as any taqueria that my family has come to expect in Tejas. The counter service is fast and friendly. The atmosphere is genuine and draws a crowd, we just never have time to stay for a table.

Celena Castillo

Great real Mexican food and fast courteous service.

Tonja Reeves


Marjorie Cabrera

We first ordered Caldo de Mariscos but it was spoiled. So we ordered chiliquiles next. It was ok except it had a heavy heavy amount of onion. I love onions but this plate was over whelmed with them.

William Crowe

Went here not knowing at all what to expect. Maybe the best kept secret in Winston Salem. The barbacoa was delicious and tender and my burrito was huge and very flavorful. I'll be back many times!

Eric Terry


Kaytlin Hernandez

Best authentic Mexican food in town! This is the real deal not like Taco Bell or Pancho Villa. This is real authentic!


Fast paced taco spot with fantastic flavor. Love the authentic tacos. Don't expect an American sit down restaurant vibe.

Nick W.

Absolutely, positively hands down....The. Best. Mexican. Food. In. Winston! Yes its a "hole in the wall" restaurant but don't let that scare you off. From the moment you sit down you get greeted by warm friendly staff. Food is great, price is great + they bring out a small bucket with several different hot sauces. What more could a fat boy ask? Oh you want more...order the Mega Burrito. And yes....its actually called the Mega Burrito!

Sue S.

Absolutely the BEST Mexican food I've ever had! A friend recommended it and I've been twice in the last five days. The food is fresh and authentic. The restaurant is very clean and full of families. This is not the place where you get a basket of tortilla chips fried in yucky old oil and a bowl of cold salsa as soon as you sit down. This is a wholesome family restaurant where you choose your table and are promptly attended on for your drink order by one of the very sweet young ladies who work there. Don't let the simplistic exterior fool you or deter you. The atmosphere inside and the food they serve is incredible! Guacamole is awesome, tacos el pastor is "lit!" Gorditas are fantastic the home made pockets are stuffed with flavorful marinated meats. The enchiladas were sublime and topped with the freshest pico de gallo! If you want true authentic Mexican food this is the place to go! Your tastebuds will thank you

Jay J.

So good. My mouth is salivating thinking about their food. Get the Chile Rojo/Colorado-it is absolutely delectable. Service is friendly and fast enough. The place is authentic but very clean and you don't need to know Spanish. I will be back!

Jim V.

It is hard to find good Mexican food - this place fits the bill. So far I've had a couple of the burritos and chile verde...very good. BTW, I asked if they would make me a chile verde burrito (not on the menu), they did (charged me a little extra as I expected and offered, no problem), I was happy...this is the way I usually have my burritos, out west it is fairly standard. Having spent half my life out west I know what to expect in a good mexican eatery and they deliver. And don't miss out on their salsa trey - about 5 different kinds, all wonderful.

Cassey M.

Authentic and delicious Mexican food at a fair price. This is hands down the best Mexican food in Winston-Salem NC. It was a little hot in there but totally worth it!

Paul R.

Hands down, the best tacos in Winston. You can get 4 tacos at a good price and with many different meats! I prefer their chorizo and tougue tacos. The sauces on the table are also great and you get your food quick! It's easy to spend less than $10 here and feel full when you leave. Echoing what many have said here, the clientele is mostly Hispanic, and I've seen servers from other Mexican restaurants eat here, which is a sign that this place is legit.

Claudell Edouard

Authentic Mexican....

Amy D.

Just moved to NC from Chicago and hadn't found a good Mexican restaurant. We had been to a couple of places and were totally let down. We decided to give this place a chance and wow. It's so good. It was packed but that didn't matter. The service was excellent and the food was excellent. My husband has the burrito and it was so big he could only eat half. The guacamole and pico was very flavorful. I had the arroz con pollo and it was so tasty. It had fresh zucchini and broccoli with chicken in a sour cream sauce over a bed of Spanish rice. The sauces that they give you are all very different and flavorful. We will definitely make this part of our rotation.

christy a.

My siblings and I chose this place for dinner. We came on a saturay evening @ 6pm. The restaurant was humid (in april) no a/c was on and a few fans were on. 20 minutes after being seated, the powers that be decided to turn the a/c on as well as turn on all the ceiling fans in the restaurant. (At this point the restaurant was filled with capacity) As for the food, we ordered chips and salsa (they make it fresh for every order) the chips were delicious ans the salsa was mild but spicy (is that even possible lol) I ordered a steak and chicken entree. My steak was chewy and not seasoned. My chicken was very flavorful. The beans and rice was tasty. Some of my family didn't like their entrees (including steak tacos) and some thought there food was okay. Our servers were so nice and warm (2 lady servers) Would I come back to try the food again? No.

Chi L.

Great authentic mexican food. I've come in twice for lunch and both times a happening crowd was there for dine in. The portions are generous and they give you a bucket of different hot sauces to put on your food. Although, they are busy, service is fast and the food comes out reasonable quick. They give you disposable cutlery and to go cups for drinks. You pay at the register, so it's great to split the check during office lunch.

David Vaca

Wish I can give 0 stars, I had to wait about an hour for my food, just to realize that they forgot about it. Looks like since I order to go and had already paid, they didn't even care. So they starting to serve other customers that were going to dine in and arrive like 30 minutes after me, probably because those customers pay after they finish their food. Horrible customer service, and not even an apology. You can save you time in any other taco restaurant and get your food 10 times faster.

Jason Snipes

Amazing food. I cannot wait to go back. So many options to choose from.

Janelle Guad

It was good an all cashiers were nice no rudness loved it an got my food on a timly manner will be going back ๐Ÿ˜‹


One my favorite Mexican food. Good service always. Thanks

David L.

Great carne asada tacos with many choices of sauce! My favorite Mexican restaurant in the area! Very reasonable prices.

Buffy Holt

I believe this is the first Mexican restaurant that is very close to authentic Mexican food. I can't remember the name of the meat company that supplies in their meat awesome meat. I seen them delivering to them when I was eating year. But they serve you on very big plates. It's a very small place but it gets packed. It's a really nice place I enjoyed the food keep up the good work

Sky Pleiadian

They are ok. Not as good as they used to be....I came to pick up an order of tacos today becuase i havent had any in like a year n was very surprised when they wanted to charge me for an extra hot sauce packet... Like seriously what is it to just give a customer one complimentary hot sauce packet...now had i sat down and ate there they would of let me squeeze all the hot sauce I want out of those 4 big bottles in the bucket they give you when you eat there. They shouldn't charge people for a tiny salsa but yet if you eat there you can have all the hot sauce you want. Like what is the logic in that bro.? Like 4real ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ‘Œthat's like when you go to McDonalds n they try to charge you for a barbecue sauce when you order chicken nuggets. Sadly I will not be coming back here..this place has lost its touch..instead I will be going to Taco riendo 3 on Reynolda rd

Eligio Pacheco

Food was delicious, staff was very friendly ,would highly recommend it

Alex C.

I was in town for a film school Interview and decided to stop by here for dinner and let me just say, it was some of the BEST Mexican food I've ever had. I've traveled all through Mexico and live in Florida, which has a very vibrant Hispanic community. This held its own with all the other Mexican/Hispanic food I've had. Super casual family friendly place that locals clearly enjoy. No pretentiousness, just GREAT food. My mom has amazing tacos with amazing seasoning and a fantastic blend of flavors. If you're looking for a place to eat in Winston-Salem, stop. NOW! GO EAT HERE!!!!

Mozart S.

Seriously the BEST TACOS IN TOWN! Everything they offer here is AUTHENTIC and cooked to perfection. The service is friendly and super fast! The inside is clean and the staff are super tentative to their customers. I absolutely recommend this place for anyone looking to eat some real authentic and delicious tacos!

Shaneequa L.

I ordered the rancho burrito , two steak tacos and the torta . Very good although the location smelled like chitterlings .

Anthony B.

This place is a hidden gem of Winston-Salem! I've been coming here since I was a kid and the dining room wasn't as big as it is now. The food is so good and I'm so proud to see how much they've grown! The workers are really nice and very helpful.

Merlin Y.

I looked up local taco joints and this one popped up. I was impressed with the attentiveness of the servers. I ordered a dish I hadn't tried before with a tortilla and beef on top. It was delicious! Highly recommend this place!

Bob W.

Seemed really authentic with good food. Did anyone notice that they only scored an 86 on their sanitation inspection? That's not good.

Manny A.

Awesome spot for real authentic tacos or any mexican plate! Ive ordered here several times and was always satisfied with everything!

Mike P.

Following the crowd never felt so good. I couldn't help but give El Eancho five stars like nearly everyone else. An unassuming exterior gives way to a veritable smorgasbord of Mexican goodness. I wouldn't necessarily say it's "authentic-authentic" but it's darn good. The tacos are amazing, and the chorizo burrito was delicious. My favorite part may be the spice/salsa tray you get upon arrival! The service was friendly and helpful. My one knock would be styrofoam cups...but the food, service, and ambiance (Casual and homey) more than make up for it. Great meal at a drop-dead bargain.

Karla F.

The food here is delicious. Every one of our entrees came out perfect! The El Rancho burrito is one of the best burritos I have ever gotten at a Mexican restaurant. Service is friendly (seriously, do not be afraid to ask questions, they are very willing to help!) and offers a casual setting. This place truly is a bargain for the quality of food you get.

Peter F.

A great place for good, as close to authentic as you can get in Winston Mexican food. I ordered the Chimichanga and it was a huge portion with the tortilla fried to perfection. My wife got the El Rancho burrito which looked like it could be served in the heavens, the beef and black beans gave a hearty taste and complimented well with all the gooey Monterrey cheese on top. A friend got the mega burrito which looked to be the size of a pothole on business 40, complete with delicious melted queso on top. Our other friend got the tacos with carne (steak), he said they were some of the most authentic tacos you can get in Winston, and he's from Mexico City, he would know. The place is very inexpensive with only a few items above 10 dollars. They do not serve alcohol . The only reason I give it a 4 star is because of the health score (B), otherwise this place would be a five star because the food is that good!

Federico Yu

Authentic Mexican food. However, it's crowded.