La Tili Supermarket

827 E Sprague St, Winston-Salem
(336) 999-8376

Recent Reviews

Sha'Von Allen

The tacos are tasty and good service.

Mimi X.

4.5-4.75 stars. I usually call in an order, and it's ready by the time I get there in 10 minutes. There are 3 things about this place that's preventing me from giving it a solid 5 stars: the tight parking lot, the huevos con chorizo, and I wish they had a salsa bar. Other than that, they have delicious bread and excellent, excellent tacos, and it's all priced cheap. You can't go wrong with any of the fillings. Tip: if you get the tripe (which they call "guts"), ask for it crispy. Thank you and you're welcome. I also like how you can pay right at the kitchen, instead of having to line up the grocery section to pay there, like at most grocery/restaurant places.

David Lipson

This place is amazing! Take your time and explore the menu. So delicious... Everyone is friendly. Highly recommended.

Julio Chavez

My mom loves it here the food is good and they always have a good selection of homemade fruit waters or agua fresca

Kimberly Branson

Taco Tuesday is what I wait for every week! Tacos here are the best and are only $1.69 on every day but Tuesday. Tuesday is dollar tacos if you dine in . Only $1.25 a piece if you want to take them to go. I highly recommend the chicken tacos! I probably have them four times a week :-)

Lynn Mabe

Go for authentic Mexican food

Meg Pferdekamper

Food is always fresh and delicious. The carnitas plate is huge. So are the quesadillas! Try the guava Jarritos with any of the entrees and take home some pastries for a snack or breakfast the next day.

Esther Mendez

Great food, great service, makes you feel like family. And their authentic bread store is da bomb!!

tauana mitchell

Okay place to eat and shop for grocery

Chon A.

This is a gem! We were looking for vegan as well as meat options to dine in and the staff was very accommodating. There is a variety of drink options from the kitchen or you can venture into some interesting bottled juices including chia seed, carrot and mango or other typical fruit juices. I ordered the nopales (cactus) egg scramble and it was great. The nopales were grilled appropriately and since I ordered the platillo I got a side of hand made corn tortillas, you can actually taste corn, and rice and beans. Coming from California, I was delighted and grateful to see a unique take on latin american cuisine at an affordable rate. Try the local carrot hot sauce.

Jessica Marrufo

Everything is amazing! 10/10 Recommend!

oscar segovia

They open early and they have a variety

Laura R.

Best Tacos I have ever had and I have tried plenty. Even better than ones I've had in California. They know what they are doing here. So much flavor and I love the salsa verde. I will definitely go back and I highly recommend this restaurant. La Tili is also a store inside with a variety of pan ducle, so you will have the perfect options to choose from for dessert. Taco Tuesday is a great day to visit since the tacos are only $1. Elizabeth, one of the ladies who works there is very sweet. I hope to see her next time I go.

Wayne Ford

Some of the best tacos I have tasted in Winston-Salem

robin jackson

Great service good food

Sweetie C.

Very good authentic food the bakery is amazing. Friendly, informative and inviting place!

craig walker

Incredibly fresh food . Tortillas are made in house .Best Link lingua I've ever had

Ryan Miller

Love this place they have the best conchas!!!

Genaro Flores

It's a market and restaurant to enjoy delicious food.

Eladia Yanez

El Señor Que Atiende Es muy Amable

Sarah Krivsky

La Tili is good. Decent prices and the tacos are okay. I got chicken and carne asada. Both were okay but the meat was very dry.

Parker Freeman

Good food and service. Latin market with many hard-to-find items.

James Stoertz

I didn't buy groceries but the place looks well stocked and well attended. On the other hand, we did eat at the restaurant in the middle of the store. It was delicious and authentic. It's quite regional, representative of the area around Mexico City. The waiter speaks English and menus are available both on the wall, at the table, and on line. Specials are available on the weekend so you might want to try a Saturday or Sunday for your first visit. No alcohol is served but they have some fine, homemade fruit juices.

Michael Campbell

The young lady who took my order was very nice and made me feel welcomed. Their food is excellent. Homestyle authentic cooking. I got a steak burrito. It was excellent!

Jeannine S.

Went back today to try something new : enchiladas. They have verde (green), or roja (red). Not knowing what to expect, got an order of both to go. Tried the enchiladas verdes first. Very different as to what I had in mind. Maybe I was thinking of those old frozen meals drowning in sauce and melted cheese. These are *not* that variety at all. Instead, imagine a deconstructed chicken wrap. There were four chicken tortillas with salsa verde - topped with fresh lettuce, onion, tomato, avocado, crumbled white cheese, topped with Mexican crema (a sour cream-like drizzle). YUM!!!! They were surprisingly light and delicious! The red were presented the same, just the tortillas were dressed in red sauce. They were not very hot, temperature wise, when I got them home but they were great just the same! The sauces have a nice spicy kick, so be prepared. Also, picked up a box of cookies. These are some of the best butter cookies I've ever tasted. A box of 16 for $2.99. What a bargain. They all have the same melt in your mouth, buttery goodness - with minor distinctions. The dab of jam, pecans, sprinkles, and coconut give each cookie their shining moment. Not overly sweet, a delicious ending to a refreshing meal.

Carrie F.

Sopes were great! I think I found my new caldo place too! Caldo de Res and Pozole Verde!! Pink cookies and Puerqitos! Cant wait to come back!!

Stephany Gomez

Fresh bread made daily, they provided for my office Christmas party at a very reasonable price and everything was so delicious. Everyone at the office was blown away! AND it was a snow day but they still managed to make it happen!

Max Pardon

One of many c shops all in an area u pick u chose u win very democratic

Jane Walker

One of the best places for an authentic Mexican lunch and homemade pastries!!

Jim C.

What a great find! Thanks to three other reviews we discovered La Tili. It's a market, bakery, butcher shop and restaurant all under one roof. It's located just around the corner from Kermit's Hot Dogs. When we arrived, there was a spectacular double rainbow outside, so I knew it was a sign of good things to come. We tried a variety of aquas frescas, including horchata and watermelon. Both were refreshing, but not the best I've ever had, as those were in Puerto Vallarta. The tacos were delicious, some of the best in town. We tried carne asada, carnitas and chorizo and they were served with radishes, grilled onions, roasted jalapeí±os, onions and cilantro. The salsa verde was delicious as was their red sauce, but green is my go to for tacos. They also have Taco Tuesday when all tacos are just $1. The bakery is quite extensive, perhaps even more choices than Super Compare foods. We bought about 10 pastries to eat later and they were very fresh and gorgeous looking. Perhaps one of the most impressive features were the ladies working there. All of them were so friendly, helpful and yes, they all speak perfect English. There are plenty of tables for a crowd so bring your friends and enjoy some delicious food. The menu includes posole verde and rojo, Tortas, molcajetes, and much more. I can't wait to go back.

Austin D.

This is gonna be my new spot for tacos! It's hard to find good tacos like we had back in Texas! I eat here every week and have gotten several friends too as well. The staff is super friendly and nice. The tacos are only $1.25 and on Tuesday they are only $1.00 (dine-in)

Jonathan V.

Went back again today, for "Taco Tuesday". ($1 eat in, $1.25 take out) I tried a piece of chicken from my dad's taco, and a piece of steak from my mom's, and both had a very good flavor. Normally, I only order al pastor tacos, but the chicken and steak are both winners also. Everyone got tacos, except for me. I ordered Chilaquiles Verdes, with steak. ($7.99) The steak was very thin, and tender and tasted good. The tortilla strips had verde (green) sauce, and man, was it spicy, but had a great taste. I was sweating under my eyes!. There was a fried egg on top, with beans and rice. Great dish, but be prepared to sweat. You could also get this dish with the red (rojos) sauce. After lunch, we grabbed a pastry with pineapple, and it was still warm, and the bread was sweet. Very good.

Janet R

Amazing tacos and fresh made tortillas! \n\nThe staff was incredibly friendly and it was atrue pleasure meeting them and discovering their passion for real food. They also have fresh baked pastries that are made inside the store.\nThis is a must visit for anyone who loves authentic Mexican food!

juan r

I stopped in one day after finding out about their taco Tuesday where tacos are $1 and was blown away! Real salsa and handmade tortillas. The food is more than authentic and there was great service and atmosphere, I'll definitely be back for more sweet bread!

Janet Rocha

OMG talk about DELICIOUS!! The bread is irresistible and so soft, so good. The food is cooked to perfection and is just beyond compare. I truly enjoy EVERYTHING this place has to offer!

rudy benitez

I stopped in the for breakfast the other day and was blown away. I had the chilaquiles but was surprised they opened at 6am. There was the delicious smell of fresh bread and I took some home to enjoy. The staff was friendly and helpful, I'll definitely be back.