12292 NC-150, Winston-Salem
(336) 764-3402

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Anna P.

No good.. simple service was ignored ..who doesn't want hot fries from McDonald's especially at 9 pm and specifically requested them.. I was really counting on this craving of HOT fries and we'll done nuggets...SO sad to see into my bag and find the awful truth that today's employees just don't care...This isn't the first time this store has let me down but it will be the last..

Blake B.

Very poor customer service, food is never hot! Seems like a bunch of kids run the place. Send them down the road to Chic Fil A for some training. I've never been here that I didn't have an issue of some sort!

T Jaeger

Still can't eat inside and they forgot my fries...which is the only reason I got a combo meal

Kit Rucker

Good service, friendly people.

Charles Penn

Food is hot but one guy that works the drive thru is short with customers and rushes you through very rude and condescending

Rebecca Berry

I will be happy to change this is someone in management replies. Rosa the manager on duty today was not only extremely rude but even raised her voice and criticized another employee.Robert that works nights gets ***** for being professional, caring, and criticized!

Vilia McClearen

This McDonald's is fast friendly and almost never messes up my order!

Brent Hughes

It is way over priced any more its a shame you get two mcdoubles and you pay nearly 5 dollars I want be back to any McDonald's

Sammy Hoffman

If all you have is drive thru due to Covid 19 lockdown, it should not take this long to get FAST food.

shawn showalter

Unable to ring order up correctly

Angela Vitale

Every time we come here, we get someone else’s order. Y’all want 15.00 an hour, but can’t even get a simple coffee and sausage biscuit correctly. The manager on duty doesn’t care when you call and tell them about the repeated mistake.


Hot food good people angry Mexican lady though.

Jen Kreger

Kind folks! Great food super impressed with taste of meal and the ice cream machine wasn’t broken!

Yohanan Koves

MacManage yore expectations and the menu might suffice in a pinch, one always pays a price for convenience... Though am thankful for that piece...

Tammy Miller

This is the worst McDonald's location in the area the food is over cooked and service is very bad!!! I got the buttermilk chicken tenders they were so hard that i couldn't even bit into them!!! You could probably hit a brick wall with them and the bricks would break!

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