Taco Bell

1299 Silas Creek Pkwy, Winston-Salem
(336) 724-3844

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NoToes 9

All them chips and a little bit of beef and I asked for extra tf

Garrett Simmons

This Taco Bell should be closed in order to protect the fidelity of the sacred brand. My mobile orders are wrong 98% of the time. Attitude, effort, and efficiency parallels that of a newly diagnosed 8 yr old with ADD. Irresponsible.

Jessica Marion

So they have and self serve order Inside but at 944pm u are made to go thru drive thru with a line wrapped around the building well why can't I go inside to order and be done alot faster I work in food service business this is bad for business

Sheldon S.

Bought a baja blast zero sugar and got water with a splash of baja blast. So upsetting.

Renee Gabriel

Today I received great customer service from beginning to the end…. And my order was 100% on point! My receipt says Shatese g was my cashier so she gets all it the credit today! Great job & Thank you.

Johnathan Bennett

This Taco Bell sux! They always get my order wrong!


I expect this place to close soon based on the service there. Last two time I went + There will not be a third time, I had to get pulled out of drive through line and sit in the parking lot to wait a LONG time for the food, and both times the order was WRONG. I go in to correct it and the manager is outside in the parking lot talking to people and the employees are arguing with each other, and when the manager is involved he has a bad attitude and slings the wrong order into the trash. THEY SUCK

Donald Hunter

I just was in the area, I don't eat at taco bell, to risky having these much younger people cooking and preparing and serving my food. I can make wonderful tacos safe and better tasting ?. Their a huge difference in old school cooking compared to the youth cooking your food in tod a ys USA. Those from old school know what I mean. Have a good day.

rita mcfadden

Love going to this one they are nice freindly.

sam 71

Great place! Very friendly and accommodating staff. Food was great! Amazing management

Nalda Mills

Went to grab a quick lunch with family. The food was fine but required a 20 wait with numerous other drive through patrons.


I go to Taco Bell for steak powerbowls weekly, but I will definitely be avoiding this location from now on. I'm not sure what was going on but I received a miniature version in a much smaller, flimsy container and it opened and spilled all in the bag. When I went to the door to ask to have it remade the girl that came to the door had a major attitude.


I placed order in drive-thru on 8/19/2021 Silas Creek Pkwy Winston Salem. Little Ms Jasmine already seemed irritated. I asked for no beans on my burrito. She asked if I needed sauce, I replied yes and told her what kind. Well when I got my bag and pulled around to eat. No sauce and beans on burrito. I also had a crunchy taco supreme that was so messy I couldn't even pick it up to eat it. I pulled back around to the window because the inside was closed, and she act like somebody was bothering or getting on her nerves because my stuff was messed up. I'm done with that Taco Bell.

Jason Kaiser

Just had some of the best Taco Bell food I’ve ever had. Great job

Stacey Brendle

Can't get an order right. Food is decent but you get what they would like you to have and not what you think you want.

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