Taqueria Guadalajara

980 Peters Creek Pkwy, Winston-Salem
(336) 724-9299

Recent Reviews

Nickla Roberts

My family had a delicious meal and would highly recommend Taqueria Guadalajara to anyone wanting really good Mexican food. The chicken soup was especially impressive and my Enchiladas Verdes was so good. Outstanding and will definitely go back when we are back in town.

Christopher Swaim

Have always wanted to try this spot, and finally did. Wish I hadn't. The sweet tea was spoiled and my friend's beer was warm. Both waitresses that came to serve us looked like they had never been there before and needed us to point out what we wanted from the menu. After we got our food, we never saw them until we wanted our checks. After we left, we went somewhere else to eat. Every time I drive by, there aren't that many cars in theparking lot. Now, I know why

Lee G

Seriously. The very worst Mexican food I have ever had. It was served cold and rubbery and seemed like it had been made days before and simply reheated. Avoid this place.

Patience Vogel

Great food and great service!

Aerial Platforms

Had the steak fajitas and they bring us all shrimp steak and chicken fajitas......I?m sure we will be charged for this mistake on the kitchen or waitress end. So on to the fajitas.......no flavor, no seasoning. As a mater of fact the only flavor is from the onions and bell pepper, which are great. I have been here many times in the past and it has been about a year since my last visit and it will be much longer before I consider returning.


It was de poquisisima madre.

Jeanie Foster

Taqueria Guadalajara has the most authentic Mexican food I have eaten in this area. Complimentary chips, served with four different salsas, are brought to the table immediately after you are seated. The queso dip is delicious and makes a great additional condiment for the free chips. The food is tasty and filling; the portions and prices are fair; and the waitresses are always very friendly. I definitely recommend this place to anyone who wants a genuine Mexican dining experience.

Marykarinna H.

Great lunch specials. They give lots of salsa and chips. Love their cheese enchiladas...the best in Winston. Rice and beans are not as good as Poncho villas. Service is hit or miss. The owner or manager who runs the register is not very friendly.

Allan Paguaga

Ordered mine to go and I recieved all this!

David LeBeau

Great Mexican Restaurant. It wasn't super busy but it really should be.

Laurie Neese

The staff are a little bit lost about the menu items. But the food was good.

Pete Horeyseck

Large, tasty food portions. Nice touch to have a bowl of pico de gallo along with salsa for your chips.

teribble_ playz

Weird did not feel comfterble and food was not it would be better if food quality was better and place was better managed

Cleverson Faria

Very well located. Easy to parking. A lot of varieties to choose. Ambient is nice. Staff is very cordial. They serve you very quickly, actually, I'm impresses how fast they are! Prices are affordable. The quality of the food are very good.

Michael Procton

Pico and the salsas pica tea were delicious. Rest of the food only just ok, but at least it's cheap!

Mary Kerr

My favorite location for quality Mexican food. the staff was helpful and kind. it has a nice interior. food is like a place in baltimore i liked.

Travis Hudson

This is authentic Mexican, so authentic you can get sweet tea, this mega burrito makes up for not having the southern sweet tea! Would eat there everyday for lunch of I could.

James P.

Always have a great time here. People are very friendly and the food is great. The green sauce really has a kick

Ca Sm

Really bad service. Will not be going back. Waitress forgot about my drink. Delivers us our food without silverware and had to wait for her to bring us silverware to our table to even start eating and didn't even get my drink till after my meal arrived.

Gregory Smith

Great experience!! Good food. Good service

Mark Cole

We have been here before and was fantastic, but not tonight. Two of us ordered Enchiladas Rojas and it looked more like Enchiladas Scrabbled!! It was a mound of unrolled mush - we couldn't eat it. The rest of our tables food was great. The manager was great- he saw the condition of the food- and by the way- it tasted old - and didn't charge us for those two meals. This used to be a place where you knew you where getting authentic food prepared well.

Angie atTigger

Our group stopped here to have lunch. First and last time eating here. The food and service was horrible. Ordered steak got chicken, ordered steak and got a bone the size of a quarter mixed in. Wasn't supposed to be there The ONLY thing that was good was the salsa. Had an 86 B sanitation grade. Should have noticed that first before we'r sat down and ordered. Do not recommend!!

Kaela Payne

Everyone who works here is wonderful, plus they have the best salsa in town! Everything on the menu is great and well priced for the quality.

Carlos S.

Food was good and service was good. But i had over paid and the count wasn't adding up.

Angie S.

Our group stopped here to have lunch. First and last time eating here. The food and service was horrible. Ordered steak got chicken, ordered steak and got a bone the size of a quarter mixed in. Wasn't supposed to be there The ONLY thing that was good was the salsa. Had an 86 B sanitation grade. Should have noticed that first before we sat down and ordered. Do not recommend!!

Jonathan Reich

Very good taqueria with the standard and expected Mexican fare. The salsa and chips plate is more elaborate than most places (salsa, pico, and green salsa are all included) and the food is as expected. The building is a little dated, but the level of service and personal attention of the managers and wait staff more than makes up for it. Some of the best service I have seen.

Jan Harper

Tex margaritas are good. Choripollo is okay, nothing special. Chips are served with Pico de Gallo, red salsa and salsa Verde ( very spicy). Mix them together and it's great. Service good.

David Cunningham

Been around for a long time. You can tell by looking. Food ok. Nothing to write home about. I will probably go to mi pueblos next time

Rose Bud

Recently ordered 4 takeout orders from here and the portions were very cheaply thrown together and minuscule. In addition to this we did not recieve any chips and salsa. Very over priced for what we got. Will NOT be coming back!

Larry Farrington

Great food quality and quantity at a low price. Even get a free drink with lunch specials!

Ma F

Best Mexican restaurant I ve been since I moved to North Carolina from New York. good size plates and good drinks Love the tables with tile. Every time I go to W Salem I go here.

Annie Huff

Fabulous food and the staff was great. But what made the experiment even more interesting, the owner came to see if what I asked for was prepared the way I asked. That personal touch is what has been forgotten but is deeply appreciated. It's an act of care not seen much anymore.


Very good service. It is very low key. Not fancy at all. Each table gets a bowl of Pico de Gallo, a regular table salsa, a hot red sauce and a hot green sauce. I love it. Very pleasant operators. It could use a remodel, especially the booths and tables.

Rynne Ambrose

Really liked it! They could invest in new menus, but definitely a great bang for your buck!


The atmosphere was nice. I really like how they did the walls in the women's bathroom. The 4 salsas was interesting. That's the only good things I have to say. First off I ordered a piña colada and had no flavor at all. They had to remake it. The second tasted much better. My chicken tasted old and dry. The rice lacked flavor. I don't think I'll be back. The service wasn't the best either.

Marcus Funderburk

If you don't mind slow service and waiting 10 minutes to be recognized go eat there. Oh don't forget the employees that talk with each other in the bar area while they ignore you while you wait. Not sure what the food taste like I just deliver with Doordash.

Joslyn Commodore

LOVE their chicken tacos. The manager is always nice when I come. Wish their salsa was a little more spicier though!

The C

Wantef to dine here and it didnt open @11:00 am as claimed. Stood at locked door for 5 minutes. No one ever came to unlock door. Also No open sign lite either. We left and went elsewhere. Disappointing!

Teresa Rayburn

Loved this place. Seriously authetic! Excellent service, good prices.

Julie Lauwers

Really great Pico and salsa! Food was fresh and tasty and they accommodated special requests. Very good service.