1155 Silas Creek Pkwy, Winston-Salem
(336) 722-0021

Recent Reviews

Audra Smith

They make a great hot sub! Great pizza too! A bit hard to order exactly what u want on grub hub so I would call ahead and see if they understood ur order :). But friendly staff and if you’ve ever had a hot toasted Zeros sub that is famous in Virginia, this is the best hot toasted sub I’ve found in NC. Better to pick up though than to have delivered.

Michael Cass

Overall experience I was very happy with my lunch on this date. Don't ever let reviews change your mind cause after what I read I have to disagree with all of them. My lunch was absolutely amazing!! Great customer service also!!! I will be back.......

Jasmine Murphy

Service was friendly, but the subs are dry if you ask me. This sub I just got from a different restaurant looks and teases WAYYYYY BETTERRR!! Picture is NOT a sub from this restaurant!!! Would have been 5 starts if the sub wasn't so nasty!

Monique John

The pizza has no cheese and very little sauce. It was cold and hard. I ordered take out and I’m extremely disappointed! I feel like I’m overcharged. My salad was incorrect and not so good either. It’s a No for me!!

Danielle Focused Taylor

I ordered a 20 dollar meat lovers pizza through Uber eats .. and When my food got to my job I had a CHEESE Pizza ... I’m soo disappointed

Salem Taxi

Extra extra large pies, great prices very tasty food and they deliver. Salads are great also.

Steve Gray

Want to impress your friends? Get a 25 inch pizza from Times Square you will be a hero! I got the half Buffalo Chicken half Meat Lovers and the raves were out of this world. The pizza was incredibly delicious. Looking at the menu there are several entrees I want to try so I will definitely be back and suggest you give Times Square a try soon!

Jose Ponce

to me and my family Best Pizza & Winston

Edwin West

Very disappointed in food from take-out order today.

Margaret Mae Wiggins

Friendly staff, delicious food!

Stephanie McCloud

The pizza was great I'm happy their opening on up in Greensboro very close to where I live..

Elizabeth Hood

The pizza was great and all the workers was wonderful I would go there again

Jeannine S.

Cold November, early evening. Went here years ago for pizza. As I recall, it was good. Been meaning to try more items, never got around to it. Until now. Items ordered : 1. Garlic cheese bread. A split hoagie roll (or sub, as they call them) with a good amount of garlic flavor and lots of gooey cheese, with a side of simply seasoned marinara sauce. Yum! 2. Garlic knots. Doughy, chewy, substantial. Served with marinara sauce. Would have liked them more buttery, garlicky, and cheesy. Added those items at home, and liked them more. 3. Cheesesteak Special, minus the peppers, added extra cheese. They have white American cheese - score!! This is a good cheesesteak. The meat is not stringy, it's well seasoned, on a good roll, at a good price. I used to live in Philly and South Jersey, and have eaten enough of them to know the difference. Elizabeth's on Silas Creek is similar, if you're familiar with the place. 4. Chicken parmigiana sub. Oooh, tasty! They don't skimp on the cheese with this one!! 5. Italian sub. Good, left the banana peppers on. Never tried them on a sub, but they work nicely. Gives a bit of tangy zing. 6. And finally, Lasagna. Good flavor, looked a bit thin. Lots of cheese and sauce, served with a slice of garlic bread. Only had a few bites, but think it was just layered with cheese. Didn't notice meat. If it was supposed to be there, I don't know. Edited to add, there is meat it's just not very meaty. Still good, maybe a tad overpriced. Was surprised that they actually deliver to my house! Apparently, I live in a delivery-area black hole. Can usually only rely on Pizza Hut, Takeout Central or similar delivery service. Anyway, ordered through their own actual site. Delivery fee was only $2.50, and you can include tip also. Good to know, especially with the cold months ahead. Staying in, enjoying a nice Italian dinner with a bottle of red sounds great to me!

Kia K.

This was one of my favorite pizza joints until today. We ordered a stuffed meat pizza. No where on the menu does it state no tomato sauce goes on the pizza. However, you can get it on the side. The pizza was so flat and thin. I'm thinking for $23 bucks it's going to be stuffed with meat and sauce. So disappointed right now. I could've saved myself $17 bucks and gas by getting a hot n ready. Any who, just remember to ask for sauce if/when you order a stuffed pizza.

Falishia Duenas

My family of four were invited by the owner to come there to eat for the first time. We ordered a 25inch pepperoni pizza and 20 hot wings. It was soo good!! The pizza was huge!! We ate what we could, but took the rest home. The workers were nice and friendly. Will be back to visit soon!

Kayla Hunsucker

I like the pizza and have not had issues until earlier this week. I had issues with the website and had to call my order in. I ordered 2 salads for a total of $18, and they came as side salads. The driver took 1 hour and 15 minutes and I live less than 2 miles away. I get that he may have gotten behind, but I didn't even get a call to let me know they were running late (was quoted 45 minutes). Seems like the place was ran by a bunch of non chalant teenagers. I can find just as good of pizza elsewhere to avoid that level of customer service

Mary Mora

I love them.

Cornelia B.

I called in an order Saturday around 11 am. The person on the phone helped me talk through my order, made suggestions about vegetarian options, and never made me feel rushed. The order was ready when she said it would be, and everyone in the shop was so nice--helping me pack up drinks, carrying the pizzas to the car, you name it. And the pizzas were amazing! I was feeding a crowd of hungry volunteers from around the country, and they all raved about how good it was. The Pizza Margarita was exceptional!

Mariah S.

Pros: -I've indulged in the Philly Cheese steaks during so many late night munchie binges, I can't eat them anymore, anywhere. Take that as you will. -they deliver -reasonable prices -the Canollis are good and they don't skimp on the filling nor do they make them too sweet. -is aren't half bad either, they don't skimp on the filling. Cons: Ok, granted, this is new York style pizza but what we got was just not pallatable. It was soggy, wet, and had no flavor. My family ordered two huge 16" pizzas; one Veggie Supreme and one Meat Lovers. No one could eat it.. my husband gave it to his coworkers the next day. I Don't know what became of it. I have had pizza here one time before this, around 3 years ago and it was really good. I average out my rating to 4 because I don't think it's fair to let one bad experience discount all of the good ones.

Rob Jones

I've been eating here for years. Their food and delivery service is very up and down. They have very good pizza and pastas. However, they've recently been making cut backs and downgrading their food. Their wings, for instance... They used to have great wings! They used to be big and juice, great sauce. Now, they're small, battered, dry, and the sauce isn't the same. They're gross. I got one order, and didn't even finish it. Never make cut backs! Your customers can tell. They really screwed that up. A few other items I've noticed, just aren't what they use to be. Its a shame, they had a good thing going.


I had the Philly cheese steak it was great. The food was hot and fresh

Erin R.

This is my favorite pizza place in town. Not only do they have the best pizza, but everything else they have is also very good. Highly recommend the cheesey garlic bread.

Stefanie G.

I built my own pizza it has banana peppers fresh mozzarella. Jalapenos bacon and pepperoni but I must say this is my 1st time and I went on yelp to look for a pizza place and they had 4 stars. I said I should try it out and Yelp was 100 percent correct their pizza is really good. Its tucked away in a shopping center near Rainbow. I would highly recommend Times Square Pizza if your in the mood for a good pizza. Also they don't give you baby size ranches they give you a lot compared to many pizza places.

Jersey Boy

The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because it's in the south but the food is incredible!!

Claudia B.

I hate to leave a bad review because I enjoy the food here and the service is usually pretty good. Not tonight! I ordered a pizza through Uber and when I received my order, it was completely wrong. It was another persons order. The Uber driver was very nice and said he thinks the lady at the restaurant hated him!!! That's none of my business but I was upset that he had to go back and get the correct order. I called Times Square Pizza to let them know that I received the wrong order and could they warm up my pizza because it would be cold. She said I needed to take that up with Uber because they messed up. But SHE gave them the wrong order. I asked again, cold you warm up my pizza and she once again said no and that I needed to take that up with Uber. Uber can't warm up my pizza that you did not give to them. She was extremely rude and needs to take a lesson in hospitality. She may need to find another job because customer service is not in her wheel house!

Bobby Bochette

So I have visited this place time and time again and they always treat you nice and the food is always amazing. Way Better Than Their Lexington location🔥

Michael Johnson

Best pizza in town, and the staff made it fun for my son while we waited


good enough to go back... staff was pleasant

Jo Vaughn

Do not order for delivery. Everything was cold, the fries wet not crispy, and when I called to make a complaint for my entire group, none who liked anything, the guy kept cutting me off and when we asked for a refund, some sort of compensation, he said okay he'd look into it, but when I asked if he had the receipt he hung up before I could finish.

W B.

This place used to be good but the service and the food mediocre at best. The pizza was a greasy floppy mess.Lady who took my order was not friendly. Oh and the sanitation grade is 90 no wonder not many people in there eating

zachary fudge

Really good specials and the baked ziti is amazing. Specialty pizzas offered at all times & generally apply to some sort of combo. Cool staff, just make sure you're super clear about what you order because sometimes I get a little more than I ordered & I do usually wind up paying for it. For someone looking for a solid hometown pizza shop, they definitely need to check this place out.

Curtis Thurston

Food was good, prices were reasonable, kind of small place but ok atmosphere.

Jim B.

Wife and I were there Saturday after a show at the Hanesbrands theater in downtown Winston-Salem. I was craving a Chicken Caesar Pizza - and theirs is quite good. Grab some extra napkins - it's a little messy. But, like a good NY pizza should, it folded nicely - perfectly cooked and tasty. I might have gone with Romaine Lettuce on the pizza, but in this case, iceberg worked OK. Next time I'm in the area, I will return.

Greta Garbo

Super fast delivery! The order was hot, fresh and correct. I believe this will be our new go to for big orders! Thanks guys!!

D R.

First time ordering from here and loved it. HUGE portions. Ordered a mushroom and pepperoni and it was massive, I'll be eating on it all week haha. Garlic knots were the best I've ever had. Sauce on the pizza and garlic knots was really good, not too strong. Nice amount of toppings on pizza. Will definitely order from here again.

Latoyia Yarborough

best pizza around ...big portions and great pasta

Paul R.

My new favorite pizza place in Winston-Salem. If you want a calzone the size of a baseball bat, stop here. The large calzone feeds an army and they stuff it with whatever you want. I've also had a very good eggplant parm sandwich and this native New Yorker thinks their pizza is quite solid. I've always called ahead and their staff has been very accommodating and helpful. Also, one of the workers is a Mets fan, which is enough reason for me to support this business.

jamad p

Pizza always Ny ....cheesesteaks always like philly Armoroso roll and all...wings decent and you'll never get a better fairer plate of pasta...give it a try u will love it

byron s

This little pizza place is located in a strip mall and provides a pleasant atmosphere to grab some lunch. The pizza is New York style with a thin and tasty crust and good sauce and cheese. They offer a great deal at lunch for $6.99 which includes two slices with any toppings and a soft drink. If you are in the neighborhood this is a good place to check out.

Erika Mitchell

Best pizza around! Always fresh and the sauce is homemade . Friendliest crew ever! You won't find better NY style pizza in this city!


1155 Silas Creek Pkwy, Winston-Salem, NC 27127
(336) 722-0021