Tokyo Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi

1111 Salisbury Ridge Rd, Winston-Salem
(336) 722-5009

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Coco marie

Omg fantastic!! You need to come here. Had to wait for habashi. No problem Max at the bar was AMAZING, made me and my date awesome drinks and had fun talking. Such a fun experience. Habashi is great food and exciting to watch cook out food. This is the place to be on the weekend!!!

Julian Martin

They only got that extra star because my past visits have been fine. But this time….my son and I has seafood allergies and every once and a while they will have to cook our food in the back depending on who is seated at the table. This is usually fine but tonight when they did it everything came out bland. No seasoning at all. My son had to put teriyaki sauce on his rice to give it a taste which resulted in him having a stomach ache. Fast forwarding, they took the plate back and was suppose to remake it BUT instead they recooked it which then led to it being dried out! How do I know? The same piece of salmon I pieced off of came right back.

Kia Pierce

Our Chef didn't perform as well as the other Chefs. Lacked enthusiasm and you could tell he didn't really want to be there. Maybe he didn't like us. The Chef at the table beside us did a wonderful job and was very entertaining

Heather Tysinger

Tokyo is by far the best Japanese Restaurant ever!! We have eaten there for 13 years and it is always amazing!! And the service is top notch!! Our favorite family restaurant ever!!

Julie Day

Mike the bartender is absolutely amazing! He created a drink based off of my love for my home state of Georgia & made it just as sweet as the peaches grown from the trees there. Not to mention the service was wonderful and the food was fresh and yummy! What great service, and a wonderful family atmosphere! We will definitely be back!

Leslie Jones

Best sushi and cocktails in town! Max is the best bartender and we loved his award winning drinks! Me and my husband had a wonderful date night.

Othoniel Cruz Rondon

My wife and I just went here and it was an absolute awesome experience. Our first time here and everything from the Server to the Cook and the fresh Food the hole experience was fantastic. We will Definitely go back many more times. We recommend to all...

Patricia Simmons

Food is always great and the chefs are really nice. We always have a great time. Let me not forget the waiters we have, always very polite.

Leo Smith

Max the bartender is an absolute genius with his drinks. He’s witty and funny, makes coming to Tokyo 10x more fun. Not to mention his abilities as a bartender are masterful.

Seth Shelton

Max and Tokyo’s are awesome. Within the first five min, we were treated with a warm smile and great service. Highly recommend this place and the bar in particular!

Zemora J.

I've been here once in the past. They take care of my allergy accommodation well, and that's the only reason why they are getting two stars.My past dinner experience with them was quite bad. The waitress disappeared during the middle of service. We had to ask her for everything, including drink refills. We never got our salad we ordered. The cook was also clearly frustrated because she rang up everyone's order incorrectly. After I asked her to make sure our check was corrected (after the cook read the wrong order to my husband), she was never to be seen by our table again.By the end of service, the manager comes and refills everyone's drinks and brings the checks. The manager at the end of service was more attentive than the waitress was the entire time.Sadly, I more than likely will not be coming here again. The cooks are great and seem to entertain the children that come in at the other tables, but the service both times I have come has not been very good.

Hope Wood

Friendly staff and great food. Highly recommend for a date night.

Brandy Goins

My favorite restaurant ever! The people are friendly and the service is excellent. I highly recommend !


Bartender guy is amazing! I was unsure what I wanted, he asked me what my favorite flavors were, and made me the most perfect drink! Definitely will be back!

Dan Felts

A great post covid treat for the family. Most of us have done these and the chef's at Tokyo are every bit as skilled as the next place. Our waiter was masked, friendly, prompt and occasionally funny! Our chef was all that and more displaying his craft with fanciful skill and grace while using an innate ability to read the crowd and know when it was not necessary for pomp or circumstance. A great evening with great people! Nothing new is why only 4 stars.

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