China Wok

711 Thomas Langston Rd, Winterville
(252) 756-3311

Recent Reviews

Margie M

This place works when you want a cheap bite to eat. Their chicken has alot to be desired. Their fried rice is just store-bought yellow rice with no flavor. Gross, really. Tried it twice, to see if it would get better... NaaaParking: Very tight spaces and non HDC individuals take up the HDC spaces. It is a one way in and out lot that is not well lit.

Stephanie Walker

Love them, Eugene is awesome.I’ve never had a bad experience with them. Been going for yearsssssss.the food is ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Shonda Murphy

Everybody sells, " chicken wings and fried rice" but China Wok on Memorial has the best! Chicken wings are always freshly cooked, in clean grease!

Sean Johnson

Decent local chinese food spot. Delicious fried chicken wings and garlic beef. And don't even get me started on their spare rib tips. Not to mention they DELIVER which is effing amazing. Next time you're craving chinese check em out. 4 Stars. ⭐⭐⭐⭐

andrea leggett

It has been appx 2 yes since I have visited inside... but.. customer service is still the same: GREAT!!

Alan Bailey

Absolutely my favorite Chinese take out restaurant in the area. You can't beat the service, quality, and price. And people don't come friendlier or more genuine than Eugene!!

Charles Heath

I just had a very bad experience a guy brought me my food he was in a rush couldn't wait for me to give him the other money went to his car parked on the side of the rode I had to walk all the way to the rode to get my change which was only 2 dollars I order all the time from their with no problems because if you don't like working their stay home smh

Wanda Daniels

The quantity and quality of the food has solid downhill since Covid, lunch specials are no longer a bargain

Kathleen McCoy

The food wasn't good at all. When you have had way better and cleaner. I will never eat there again. The shrimp were dried out and you couldn't even see them The rice was horrible The whole meal was a waste of my money. What did I have ( egg foe Yung) forgive my spelling. You need to take a lesson from SPEEDY WOK. Very good food.


For the second time in the same dish I have found foriegn objects in food. The first was a piece of hair and now this piece of metal that looks to be from a scrubbing pad. I do realize they are extremely busy at times but my health is more important to me than there food. I can no longer support this businees.

Paul Williams

Best Chinese food in town. Always hot and fresh and always quick and courteous. I pass several other Chinese food restaurants to come here.


fast service, good food. it ain’t anything too crazy but it’s fast and easy.

Shannon Griffin

Don’t know if they’re simply trying to fulfill to many orders at one time or what!!! But there food is becoming nasty and starting to have a weird taste!

Linda Harrington

I called my order in and still had to wait an unacceptable amount of time. They don't have enough help to keep up with the demand. The food is delicious and it keeps me coming back.

Diane Widener

Sweet and sour pork overly breaded. Not enough pork. Sauce was too thin and not flavorful enough. Gave a scant amount with the meal. I used to work in Chinese restaurant so I know the how it should be prepared.

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