Marabella Pizza Winterville

781 W Fire Tower Rd, Winterville
(252) 214-7426

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The best pizza so far, can't wait to go back. I love NY style pizza but can't find a place anywhere.Food: 5/5

Garfield Callens

Outstanding Customer Experience! I Celebrated my Birthday ? ? ?! Here! Amazingly Delicious ? Food! Spaghetti and Meatballs, Lasagna, Pizza and Garlic Bread! Our Food Stay Hot! Sincerely, Thank you! Mr.Garfield Callens

Meg Crowell

Got my pasta and finished it before husband received his two slices of pepperoni pizza. Had to ask why the delay. People after us got their pizza before we did. If you have a delay communicate. Do not bring half an order of food with multiple people. Delay and bring it all at once to the freaking tables!!! Utensils constantly break!!

BD Dunn

Can't say enough nice things about the young lady I spoke to placing my order. Morgan was amazing and deserves to be taken care of by Marabella. Friendly, courteous, knowledgable, I didn't feel rushed, And she really makes the place feel like a family. Big shout out to MORGAN!!!


Awesome cheese=steak and pizza. Nice dine-in, great staff.We were big fans of the Washington location until they closed in the patio and made it not dog-friendly. The Greenville Blvd location seemed to cater to the college students. Just OK. Long waits.Happy the Firetower location is open! Best one yet.

Chris Ellis

This place never disappoints. My family and I eat gluten-free whenever possible and this is the best gluten-free pizza we have had to date. Worth every penny!Dietary restrictions: Gluten-free

Bruce Groccia

I haven’t had Mirabella in awhile maybe 2 years and at the time was hit and miss at the other locations except Washington NC that one is awesome. Anyway I tried the WINTERVILLE Location and wow it was fantastic so much better than the others in Greenville . This has climbed back to number 1 for me . That pizza was perfect , customer service perfect, the time was perfect !!! Go to this or Washington location seriously there’s a difference .

Tom Payne

Maybe one star! Menu prices etc. are a picture of their menu board and very difficult to read. Ordered by phone for drive through pickup. Gave me wrong order and called to tell me to bring back wrong order. Went back and stayed in line for 10 minutes. Made exchange and they did say "sorry". Got pizza home and was disappointed in quality. Customer service - 0. Product - 5 on 10 scale. Don't need to return.

Sha B.

In town for family graduations, so decided to take all for lunch treat. Food was very good, but was insulted when told I had to purchase waters for my family. Was even more upset, when the mixed water choices only included 4 bottles marked spring water for our family of 12. We will get carry out next time we visit!

Christy B.

Cannot order a clear free cup of water. We went as a very large family group, and about half wanted water. We either had to order a cup for around $2.50 for any soda fountain drink or fountain water, a bottle of soda, or a bottle of water for $.75 with no refills. Rip off. Pizza was delicious. Calzones were pretty good. Ziti was ok.

Marc Schmidt

Best New York style pizza in town! ? And I have tried quite a few... There is a Friendly staff and its really clean and open at the Firetower Rd location.The pizza was well done and greasy at Greenville shop. Unfortunately it is nowhere near as nice or tasty as Firetower store.


Went as a big family group when relatives came to town, and about half wanted a cup for water instead of a bottled soda, tea, or fountain soda. We were told a cup of water is the same price as getting a soda or tea from the fountain, around $2.50, or buy a bottle of water for $.75 with no refills. Not right. Just let people get a clear cup for water and get refills, even if you charge a few cents for a cup and ice! Pizza and calzones were excellent.

John Bossick

Pizza is very tasty. Sauce is excellent and crust is the right texture for a great bite. Staff is friendly and helpful. The restaurant is clean and set up for an enjoyable dining experience.

Lisa Downs

No sweet tea. We placed our order at 5:49pm tonight and the tea urn was empty. When I asked staff, I was told they would have to brew some. I voiced my concern that this is a repeat issue. A young man brought me a hot cup of tea but at 6:14 the dining room urn is still empty. Also, why can’t salt and pepper be added back to the tables? Parmesan and crushed pepper are.Finally. 6:25. We have tea.

steveen517 D

We literally drive from goldsboro to get pizza here (1 Hour). If that doesn't tell you how good marabella pizza is, then I don't know! Please expand to our area one day! Very friendly and curteous employees as well! Everyone had a smile and the food is always great! Thank you for always making pizza night a banger with your amazing pizza!

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