Moe's Original BBQ - Woodfin

72 Weaverville Rd, Woodfin
(828) 505-3542

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Kimberly Karp

Best wings around. Love the macaroni and cheese too.

Jo McWi

Love these guys. Right down the street from my house, and they have the best wet-style fall off the bone ribs in town. The large rib platter is my go-to self reward when I need a food pick me up :) And its usually good for 2 meals for me :)

Austin Brigmon

I went for lunch on a Thursday and here's the list. 1. Out of three daily sides. 2. Got two of my sides wrong. 3. When I finally got my BBQ platter the BBQ was cold. And I can understand this if there was a huge crowd But there wasn't. I WILL NOT be going back. This place is horrible!

brad c

After doing an exhaustive study of EVERY BBQ joint within 30 miles of Asheville, eating at least 2 lunches at each (one had to be ribs); I have found the undeniable BEST Q in the entire area. I spent over 4 months eating my way through every Q joint around. To qualify for this lofty honor, the meat had to be consistently moist, juicy and fall off the bone tender. In addition to that, the sides had to be exceptional; and the Bbq sauce tangy and finger licking good.My choice for the best Q in WNC is Moe's Original BBQ. They are hands down, by far...the Best! The meat each time met the criteria set above, and was, in fact, the Only bbq that met all those criteria. There wasn't a bit of fat on the ribs, and a generous portion of meat on each bone. The sides are literally mind blowing! While every other joint in town does a fair job at best on pretty unappetizing sides - Moe's takes their food so seriously that the sides rival the Q in quality. Each day Moe's makes 6-8 NEW sides. A couple of my favorites are the squash casserole and the spiced apples, but Whatever sides you choose, your palette is in for a delightful surprise! Rounding out the experience is a rustic Q-style setting and great blues and big band music, setting the perfect ambience. From NOLA to St Louis to KC and Memphis, I've found Moe's to be the best of the best. Look no further. Slip into Moe's to satisfy your BBQ jones, and nothing else will ever satisfy your Q craving again. It's BBQ heaven!!!

David M. Carter

Hey first time here and the barbecue pork sandwich and the sides was real good. I like how they have a walk up window to order from or pick up if you already called your order in. The staff was very friendly and they looked like they knew wat was going on.

Milo Brown

Very, very generic BBQ. Little taste in the pulled pork.. Beans could have come straight from a can. Cole slaw seemed like it was almost all cabbage with no dressing. And the corn bread slice fell apart. But the two slices of dull pickle were good.

charles macnish

Moe's OG BBQ is absolutely the best barbecue in Asheville. Pulled pork, sliced beef brisket, smoked turkey, ribs & more, you can't go wrong. The sauces are a sweet red and a creamy white and they're both phenomenal. All of the sides are great though I usually stick with the potato salad and country green beans. The cornbread is way above average, after they bake it I think they put a slight fry on it to give it a mix of crispy and soft. Also definitely try the mud pie for desert. That's about it, Moe's is amazing, you sint be disappointed :)

Deas Nealy

I enjoy most of the food here sometimes there's a little too much salt in the veggies.

Jesse Adkins

The pulled pork, Mac n cheese, potato salad and corn bread was amazing!

frankie crompton

Great service the food is very good.Tried the smoked meatloaf and it was great.Woodfin Moe's is the best in this area.

Patricia R.

Hands down my favorite BBQ sandwich/coleslaw combination in Asheville. The family packs are a great deal and it reheats well to make for an even better value! All the sides are great as well!

Mary G.

Delicious ribs, brisket, cornbread, and fried pickles. Our picky eaters declared this a new favorite restaurant with their kids' grilled cheese and rib meals. Every single thing we got was wonderful, and the only downside was we were too full to finish everything in one sitting. But leftovers for later make this travesty manageable.

Tim B.

Moe's wings have to be the best in the area by a mile. Smoked, flash-fried, and served in a platter with two choices of sides, Moes's wing platter is amazing. I eat there at least once a week and have never be disappointed. They have continued to serve the community with take-out service through COVID and have recently opened the Dine-in. Always a great choice in Woodfin or Biltmore.

Michael Buckner

Outstanding customer service! The food is right up there with the customer service.

Sam D

Moe's is always good, and they go above and beyond to make sure your order is right!

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