703 S 3rd St, Bismarck
(701) 751-0793

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My pimento chicken sandwich is very skimpy on pimento cheese and even more skimpy on the honey almost nonexistent. Big ripoff for the price.

Joseph Hickel

It was very crowded while we were there.....busy place for sure. We did manage to grab a dirty table and make the best of it. Excellent lemonade!Food: 4/5

Ben Adams

Chicken sandwich was fresh out of the fryer and very good. Fries were undercooked. Fountain soda had no flavor. Not the best experience at this location.Food: 3/5


My favourite reason for going to chick fil a is the App.They make ordering and picking up food easy and I love the points.Rarely do I ever eat inside a fast food restaurant. Chick fil a is the exception. There is always someone wiping tables with wipes, asking if you need anything and often will bring your food to you. They are always well spoken and polite.Breakfast and lunch menu are awesome

Devin Munce

Purchased a delicious Cobb Salad from this location today, and I was 100% satisfied. It was a mobile order, pick up through the drive thru, and everything went super smoothly. Thanks for the wonderful meal today Chick-Fil-A Bismarck!Food: 5/5

Joseph Bowling

Clean even though busy. Friendly staff. First visit and I am pleasantly surprised at how tasty the food is. Spicy chicken fillet sandwich was great, slightly crispy outside, moist and tender inside.Food: 5/5

Mike Jorgensen

Honestly one of the most exciting things that we got in Bismarck as of the last couple years is Chick-fil-A. I was told about their amazing customer service and the rep They have country wide. Plus it was suppose to be God's chicken . I can say the food is pretty good but overall the service has been about average if not worse at times for me. They use some of the cheapest bags and cups and cup holders I have ever seen. Their cups will leak over time and overall when addressed with some packing issues where the bad was ripping they just threw it in a bigger bag for me to take to my clients as I drive doordash. So I brought a customer a ripped up bag that was in another bad. I got a 1 star review from them and rightfully so. Overall the rating I gave is fair I could be harsher to be honest. The company as whole has been the most disappointing business to come to Bismarck. I expected so much with their reputation and the store simply lacks the customer service or follow through needed to fix simple issues. I know it's new and will get through this but the way they treat us doordashers is subpar. We should be peers but we are treated like an annoyance that comes in. We too are service workers. Please treat us better we too are helping your customers.

Greta Baker

There really were fresh flowers on every table and the restaurant is clean and new. Staff was patient and friendly. The food was excellent. Your drink is dispensed immediately by the person taking your order. I would eat inside every time rather than the drive-through.Food: 5/5

Travis Boss

Awesome food as usual. Was surprised at crew not acknowledging 5 of us standing at counter waiting for refills. We finally gave up as several crew members kept walking by and not even asking if we needed help or being helped let alone would not even make eye contact. Made us feel as if they knew what we wanted but was too busy to deal with us.


Terrible food. Slow service , and food was cold and had no flavor.I have tried to like it . I have gone a handful of times and it hasn't been good. They were not even busy this time however, they were very slow. When it got food it was cold.


Unfortunately, this particular Chick-Fil-A is not operating at the usual high standards as the ones you find all over the south. Chick-Fil-A was started in Atlanta and is still headquartered there. I’m from there as well and it was actually my first job years ago in high school. The service, food and overall experience at the Bismarck location is subpar compared to a well oiled establishment like what I’m use to. Sadly, Fargo’s store is even better. No one seems to really care here and it is not an A+ Chick-Fil-A experience like they are supposed to be known for. For example, the employees down south walk around and offer to refill your cup, take your tray or trash etc. not because they have to, but it’s just a pleasant and kind gesture. It’s often unexpected and that is the best part. I remember doing this for patrons and it made me feel so good! This has never happened to me while dining inside here. I hope they read these constructive reviews and make changes, but that’s on the franchise owner and management to do. Just expect your visits to be “hit or miss” here (and I hate to even say that, but it’s the blunt truth).


I have somehow gotten into a sauce war with one of the employees at this location. Sounds funny, but she insists that there is a sauce limit of 6. However I order through the mobile app and I get 7 sauces for my large fries and 2 chic-fil-a sandwiches. 7 sauces is part of the order it’s on the receipt so it should be included. 1 extra sauce should be no problem right? If I order and she is working she will only put 6 in the bag and I have to walk in to get the 1 other chic-fil-a sauce. It sounds so petty, but I couldn’t let it slide because a customer should get exactly what they buy. It’s uncomfortable walking back in for one chicfila sauce. My receipt says I bought 7 so just give me 7 please, but since this has been a recurring thing it’s just not worth it for me to continue eating here. I like the chicken, but hate the hassle to get the sauce that I ordered. For that I must leave a 1-star review so that others can see the struggle that was had over one container of sauce.

Aaron Jost

Seems a little larger, but mostly just stretched out. Clean and new. Nice sheltered drive through area.Kid-friendliness: Were doing a kids craft activity when we visited

Cindy Jo Mathisen

Omg. We door dashed and the chicken fillet were absolutely perfect. The lemonade is very good and the honey mustard sauce is perfect on the sandwiches. I never should have order it because now I'm going to be craving itKid-friendliness: My daughter loves the popcorn chicken and the Mac and cheese is really good

Carlos Trevino

I've been to this Chick-fil-A several times, always great! This time, our cashier was not very attentive, was looking all around and elsewhere like she had something else to do. Therefore order was not complete but wasn't a big issue. First time lack of attentiveness to a customer. Nonetheless, I'll be back. Food always good.Food: 5/5

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