China Garden Restaurant

1929 N Washington St V, Bismarck
(701) 224-0698

Recent Reviews

Daniel Anderson

Great food and great service!! Enjoyed my birthday meal very much!!

Erika Hartmann

Excellent food, clean,friendly. I like taking my mom there it's not so big that she gets confused .

Aaron Klein

Does not disappoint. Great for takeout.

Arthur Wheeler

Very good food and service.

Amanda Neumiller

Never been so disappointed in the restaurant. Two tables came after us and were greeted by their waiter and given something to drink while we sat there with nothing. No one came to the table for over 15 minutes.

Daniel D.

Potstickers were great, sauce was excellent. Crab Rangoon were awesome and the orange sauce was perfect. Hot mustard was good quality and delicious; egg rolls were not. China Garden chow mien was incredible, loaded with goodies. I highly recommend this dish but the menu picture shows something less appealing, read the description and you will know. Mongolian beef had good flavor but I would not call it Mongolian beef. More like beef with onions, cabbage and carrots. Garlic shrimp was pretty much the same, great flavor & texture for shrimp, onions, cabbage and carrots. Fortune cookie was very high quality, probably the best I ever had. This is probably the best Chinese take out you will find in Bismarck or Mandan. Wish they would add Egg Foo Young and Spring rolls to their menu.

Gregg Walker

Outstanding food, excellent service, very nice atmosphere!

Letha Stjon

Food and service is exceptional! I will visit as often as I can, love the variety!

Gary Weis

Very good food.. fair price.. lunch combo was perfect!

eve madche

Yummmmmm. Sweet and Sour Shrimp, Tofu Curry, Egg Flower Soup (best in town according to my son)

David Hall

Never order before closing. Looked at the reviews and took the plunge. Beige was the color of all. Literally same sauce for garlic beef, Mongolian beef and orange chicken. Upcharge fried rice was bland and lacked any vegetables at all. I understand catering to the American palate, and I understand this is North Dakota.... But this is insulting... Also, battered dipped eggrolls ... My heart cries (as an aside, the staff was polite upon pickup... Offering plates and napkins.

Sandy Glovich

When you order your food to go they will not give you the soup that comes with your meal . But they are very happy to sell you that same cup of soup for more money. How stupid


My family and I love to come here. The staff is always very friendly and the food is consistently good. I love getting the pea pod beef. I always ask for extra pea pods and less beef and they always make it exactly the way I like it. My mom is allergic to MSG so itâ??s a plus that they donâ??t douse all of their food with it like some other local Chinese restaurants do.

Carmen Fanous

Excellent food hot and fresh the servers are always polite and attentive. Best Chinese in Bismarck.

Matt J

Best Chinese in Bis-man. Been going her for years and you always know what to expect. My families go-to.

Cory Coon

Fresh and more than I expected to receive. Also have the biggest egg rolls I've ever seen. Two thumbs up, highly recommended!

Robert Mitzel

Great food and service every time I go there!


I called in an order for my friend to pick up. I ordered orange chicken and pork chow-mien. When I received the food, my chicken wasn't orange. It was super watery and had a hard plastic taste. The chow-mien was soggy, and it was all lettuce, no noodles. The chow-mien also tasted like plastic, and had awful flavor.

Sandi Schiff

Excellent food. Friendly staff.


The worst Chinese food weâ??ve ever had. There is no flavor, we couldnâ??t tell the chicken and beef apart or they gave us all beef even though we ordered cashew chicken. The veggies looked and tasted like the frozen tiny carrots and peas you buy in the freezer grocery isle. The wontons were tiny. Just donâ??t waste your money.

pat smith

Very good food and service. Friendly and warm.

Ashley S.

The menu posted with this listing is not their listing. Beware if call to order takeout and are surprised when you pick it up and your total is $12 higher-- they have similar items to whatever menu is here, but each item is $3-$4 higher than advertised.

Rebecca K.

Good food with a good atmosphere. Fortune cookies were the best I think I've had. Only "con": waiter didn't come back for our payment.

Beth Gasser

Outstanding food and polite, fast service. If you are a fan of hot and sour soup this one is packed with flavor and all the good ingredients. The Hunan chicken is very authentic and absolutely delicious. I highly recommend.

Robert Chaussee

Always friendly, very clean. Tasty food! I recommend the Sesame Chicken. Best egg drop soup in town, no argument.

Kathy Roth

Delicious, gluten free meal. Reasonably priced lunch and pleasant atmosphere.

Kevin Nelson

China Garden is the best Chinese restaurant in Bismarck. Their food is good and their portions are fairly large. The service is good and their prices are very moderate. The atmosphere isn't anything to note, but I go there for the food, not the ambience.

Steve Gasser

Great food with large portions. Good came quick and hot.

Ryan S.

This has been my go to Chinese place in Bismarck for years and will continue to be for as long as they are in business. A+++

Yao R

My family and I were seated immediately for lunch. Our waitress came with ice waters and took our drink orders right after we got seated. After she took our food orders, we got our food within ten minutes. The food itself was very good. I had fried rice, sweet & sour chicken and an egg roll. The combo also came with some very tasty egg drop soup. Our waitress also checked that my family and I were doing well periodically without being intrusive.

Lisa H.

I may be a bit biased as I have worked at China Garden the last 14 years..but really we are hands down the best Chinese food around. Everything is made fresh and made to order. If you are on a quick lunch break we are the perfect place to come to even if you want to come to sit down and relax for a bit. Also, I saw a review that mentioned that our cashew chicken tastes like chicken pot pie. Let me just say that.. first of all, chicken pot pie is awesome. Secondly, that's my favorite dish on the menu. However, I do suggest you try the hunan chicken or moo goo gai pan. If you don't want chicken we have a large variety of vegetable, pork, beef, and shrimp dishes. If you want a great experience with awesome service and delicious food come eat in or get quick take out at China Garden!

Morgan Salwei

This place has the absolute best Chinese food in town. It never disappoints!!

L. Ross Vashus

We go weekly, food is great and the price is reasonable.


The best in town..whenever my family is back in town .this is one place they want to go. Very reasonably price. You must go.

Gregory C.

Food was to die for!! The general tso was delicious and probably the best I've ever had! Our waitress Lisa was always attentive and helpful!

Janna Lynn

I love their food for take out, but when I go there to eat in and happen to look up and see the ceiling fans, I loose my appitite. I would say best for take out.


First restaurant I have been to with no bathroom and no fountain pop, just cans. The food is ok, I do not understand why people think this place is the best Chinese in Bismarck.

Jody W.

First restaurant I have been to with no bathroom and no fountain pop, just cans. The food is ok, I do not understand why people think this place is the best Chinese in Bismarck.

Susan M.

Food for thought. When did cashew chicken taste like chicken pot pie? That's pretty much what I tasted with the carrots, celery and peas mixed in with chicken in a sauce. It was very bland. The sweet n sour chicken was just alright. The sauce was more like fish sauce and not the traditional sweet n sour sauce. The egg drop soup was the right consistency but lacked flavor. It really needed scallions and not just plain egg and chicken broth. The egg roll tasted sweet. There was way too homemade wrapping on it which tasted like a fried donut. The fried rice tasted like it was made with fresh rice instead of day old rice.

Linda Erickson

Nice atmosphere and very CLEAN environment! Food is always served at appropriate temperature. Fresh ingredients and pleasant wait staff.