Kirkwood Mall

706 Kirkwood Mall, Bismarck
(701) 223-3500

Recent Reviews

James Deerwester

Nice mall for the size. Tilt world is gonna make it better

Gloria Berg

They have a printed sign on the window that they elected not to open today till 12 noon. Website says 10. I drove 100 miles. I see people in there ignoring customers waiting

Terra Peters

Didn't go to any stores this last visit, had to help out our sister store while hiring a new staff there.

Romeo Johnson

My doctor's office is there great place as for the mall it's self kinda boring maybe cuz I'm from a bigger city

Prasanna Kumar

Good food abd Kids have good time in the play ground.

Jessica Panter

Love the shopping places it has! Aunties pretzels could use some better customer service but overall had a great shopping trip!

Luis Monarréz

Really cool place. Lots of fun shopping happened here. People overall are very welcoming .

Jennifer Bemman

Always fun to check out all the shops while there. Must have a sandwich from the restaurant in Scheels and some homemade fudge.

Scott Weiand

I've visited numerous malls in the midwest Kirkwood mall has it all except a food court. Still a great shopping experience!

Charles Bohe

I enjoyed my walk around Kirkwood Mall due to the number of upscale stores and the climate controlled interior. There was not a food court inside the mall but ample dining opportunities a five minute drive from the mall. There is ample parking with three entrances to the mall. A big plus to the mall is it seemed to have ample seating where you can wait while other members of your group shop.

Eddie Smith

Went to scheels for a quick gift purchase; who would have thought they'd be closing at 7:00 pm ?


Was pretty good, I went with my mom and girlfriend. I liked alot of the stores, and my mom enjoyed some of the more Western stores.

Shutterboy Fuse

Let’s save the mall ppl once they gone Amazonia going to go up not down

review review

While using the self check out.. An older and crass woman, Geri, marches over to my scanned items in my bag and removes the hanger.. without explanation, permission, and certainly without any common decency. I proceeded to ask what she was doing but she decided to walk away mumbling something. Please train your employees better.. or have the employees without manners and social skills to be away from customers.

Henri Berger

Only got to JC Penney. It was warm n stuffy shipping. N, it sure isn't like it used to be. But nice clothes!

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