11-Worth Cafe

2419 Leavenworth St, Omaha
(402) 346-6924

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Nam Tran

One of the best breakfast places to eat anywhere.. I usually don't eat breakfast but this is an exception...great service and friendly staff. I highly recommend anyone to come here if they are in the Omaha area.

G.D Malin

I will never come back here after the way my wife and I were treated after requesting a table specifically because my wife is 7 and a half months pregnant.


I finally got into 11-Worth Cafe this week for lunch. If you ever decide to go on the weekends, you can expect a wait. Now having been there, I can say it is worth it. \n\nThis is a place with a lot of variety, good-sized, tasty portions and a good price. The service was efficient and excellent. We’ll definitely make this part of our brunch rotation on weekends.


We stopped here to meet friends on our way to Kansas City. We had nine people in our party and were able to get breakfast or lunch at 10:15 am. It was under $100 to feed all of us and, in this day and age, that’s a bargain. Also, the portions were generous and the food tasty.\n\nOur waitress was terrific as well. Our coffee was never empty and she checked on us multiple times even though the place was hopping. If you want a great meal and service, look no further. You’ll be pleased.

Tim Borchardt

Classic old style cafe. Fast efficient service. Not at all unfriendly but super efficient. Food was perfectly prepared and arrived hot and fast. It's obviously a favorite of many as it is busy but not uncomfortably so. Highly recommend.

Nathan Jones

A MUST HAVE!!! Breakfast, lunch, doesn't matter... It's everything you want in a hearty 'home cooked' style meal. Nostalgia abound and some awesome history of Omaha highlighted in the Diner.


I was traveling by myself in Omaha this weekend, I was looking for some basic breakfast food that isn’t $20 a plate. I found this gem, there was ab a 20 minute wait to be seated, I’d say at least 3/4 of the lobby were regulars. The hostess got me seated much sooner than the 20 minute wait time. The server was incredibly friendly, I was brought a Sante Fe Omelet, which I was skeptical about as it looked like a piece of kraft cheese was melted on top. This was probably the best meal I had my entire trip! Nothing fancy but oh so good! I’d recommend stopping here if you’re going through Omaha! It was less than $12 for a cup of coffee, a large omelet with hash browns and a side of sausage gravy. Definitely worth the wait.

Jamie Moore

love the vibe and waitresses... food is great, fresh and always hot.

Will Westmoreland

I visited Omaha for a Masonic event this past weekend and had the opportunity to eat at the 11-Worth Cafe on Saturday and Sunday morning. The food was great. The staff was courteous. It was a great old school dining experience. But I’ll tell you what impressed me even more. While we were waiting to be seated on Sunday, in a packed waiting area, an inebriated homeless couple walked in off the street and began making a scene. A gentleman, who I assumed to be the manager or owne

Monica Cervantes

The wait was well worth it! (and the wait wasn't bad). Great food and friendly staff.


They have their process down to a magic process. So many people to get in and the do it well. When we sat to when we left was about 30 minutes. Food was very average but cheap and fast. My bacon and cheese omelet was made with American-ish cheese. Food was plentiful.


This was at the top of the list in trip advisor ratings. We had a great server but the food was underwhelming. The chicken fried steak seemed like a frozen dinner with canned gravy. Not much flavor

Mammas Kassiotis

Best place for great food! I can get lunch and my friend can get breakfast anytime we go. Sometimes we have a wait but it is only 10-15 minutes at most. And the food is always delicious down home cooking! Service is fast and my instructions are followed for my dietary requirements.

Leon Sanders

Phenomenal is the only word I can use to describe my first time eating here. The food came in large amounts and even though they were packed to the brim with customers, it arrived almost as quickly as I had ordered it. I did the roast beef with gravy and all I can say is that the gravy is gonna take you back to your childhood; it's really just that good. Prices are reasonable and all of the staff was attentive to my needs. Make this one of your stops while in Omaha

Kevin Keller

They cook the bacon just right here, fully cooked and not burnt. Great place for an affordable and tasty breakfast. Interesting staff dynamics that make you feel at home. They find out right away if you need coffee.The decoration is simple. There seating is very functional. Enjoy!

Gabriel Cano

Amazing home style cooking, made with quality ingredients. The wait can be a 15-30 minutes, but the food is served quickly. Price is very reasonable and portions are large enough to feed even hungry diners.

Roger Spicer

We happened into 11-Worth for breakfast before heading to the airport. Everything was great. We were quickly seated, the waitress was immediately at our table and always right there when we needed anything. The hash browns were hot and soft inside and crispy out. My easy over eggs had well done white and runny yolk, just the way I like them. Everything from toast to gravy was hot and our 4 orders arrived together. They do quite a business and it's easy to see why. If you're looking for a bustling dinner with great down home food and service here lt is.

Priya Z.

Okay, let's remember I am reviewing true to my experience, so no one gets mad at me for by I believe it is only 3-star worthy. The Family decided to come here for Brunch on the last day on our trip before we all headed out and went our separate ways. It was very packed when we got there and we added our name to the list promptly. 6 Adults, and 2 Children (1 Toddler, 1 Baby). We had about a 20 Minute Wait before we were seated. It was tight in the dining area. They definitely pack it wall to wall. My Nephew was very excited because he saw other kids with balloons, and realized that if he was a good boy he would get a balloon as well. We saw the food other people were ordering, and realized the service size was ginormous. Our table ordered, Large Biscuits and Gravy, Jr Ham and Cheese Omelet No Hash browns, Regular Cheese Omelet with Hash browns, 'The Working Person's Breakfast', a Breakfast Burrito-No Meat, No Hash browns, and 2 Pancakes and 2 Eggs Breakfast. All of us were only able to finish at least half of our meals, except my SIS's MIL(Mother-In-Law). She was the one who ordered the 2 Pancakes and 2 Eggs. Which was the right amount, and my Nephew had one of her Pancakes. My order (Breakfast Burrito) was mostly egg and cheese, it lacked veggies. It had some onions and green peppers inside of it, but not as much as you would think should be in it. My Mother got the Cheese Omelet, which she liked, but said it was too Cheesy. Now, before you knock me for the obvious because of it's name, not only did it have 4 Cheeses inside, it had Cheese on top as well which was what made it an overload of Cheese. BIL2 tasted it as well, and stated the same thing. It was too rich after 2 bites. They accidently gave me Hash Browns, which is wasteful, because I barely touched them. I was planning on sharing with my mother who also didn't eat all of hers because we saw how big the serving sizes were. One can only image the amount of food they waste here on a daily basis. I liked the small town feel of it, and the 'more bang for your buck quality', however, the nostalgia was a bit overrated. The quantity was great, but the quality only came with part of the order in my opinion. Our server was very friendly, and super nice. She definitely was a hard worker and enjoys her job. I overheard another waitress telling some regulars of hers that she was sorry she couldn't take their order because someone else did already. She than proceeded to bash the coworker, which made it feel even more crowded inside the restaurant. I am sitting close enough to another table where I can hear about a coworker issue. (It wasn't the waitress we had, nor was it about her-she didn't take that tables order). The area, was a little dirty in places because of it being an older place, but clearly they are making more than ends meet and could afford an upgrade in places throughout their establishment. This place is like the Minnesota version of 'Mickey's Diner'. It's nostalgic, but nothing special. Go there once to say you've been there, but really no need to go back unless someone else haven't been or really wants to go again.

Chris S.

This place is worth its weight in gold. The staff are incredibly friendly and nice. Every single entrée I have tried has been not only delicious but incredibly filling. I do not know why I don't eat here everyday, probably because I would get really fat. This restaurant has that good old home cooked feel to every entrée. My two favorite dishes would have to bee the open faced beef sandwich and the biscuits and gravy. The biscuits and gravy is such a popular dish that they also sell the gravy in take home containers. The open faced beef sandwich comes with a side of mashed potatoes that can be doubled with no additional charge. Be still my heart... or the pending heart attack I might get due to all the delicious breakfast foods. Always busy always packed.


In town for the college World Series. Found this on trip advisor and wow what a wonderful breakfast. I had the philly omelette and it was the best I have ever had. We are going back tomorrow for breakfast.

11-Worth Cafe

2419 Leavenworth St, Omaha, NE 68105