OJ's Cafe

9201 N 30th St, Omaha
(402) 451-3266

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William Coe

Great food ?


Friendly people, fantastic food.


Food is very nasty. Gave them a couple tries and its still trash. Bad customer service and it looks like junk.

brian r.

This place is a joke. I walked in and saw how dirty it was and turned around and walked out; I'm surprised that the city hasn't shut them down because of the filth.

T W.

We need a better response to this than "Page got hacked.sorry" then deleting your Facebook page.

Jonathan Quigley

The food here is amazing!! You gotta try the beef enchilada.

Allen Bolton

I have always enjoyed this restaurant since a coworker suggested I give it a try. I am so happy to see that the option for dine in is available once more. I can't wait until my next visit.

Ali Caballero

Let me start off by saying, my family had eaten here over a decade ago, and raved about how delicious it was in the past, so I was excited to try it. Also.. the staff is very friendly, I have no complaints about that. The prices are high, but I’m totally down to pay whatever for GOOD food. So we order nachos for our appetizers, and we go on to order our entrees.. I wanted chili cheese taquitos, but the waitress says they don’t have chili because when they went to go open the chili, it wasn’t good. Which, that should’ve been my first red flag, but I was like no big deal, I’ll get a burrito.. They bring out the nachos, we got just chips and cheese for my nephew, and it looked like they just slapped some cheese on chips and popped it in the microwave. We got a separate nacho plate, with beans, beef, and cheese.. again looked like it was popped in the microwave. The waitress also brought small plates over, for us to share our nachos, and unfortunately the plates were dirty and greasy. That was my second red flag. My nephew wouldn’t touch his nachos, and we go to start eating our nachos, and the chips are stale and chewy and not hot. [which sometimes happens, when tortilla chips are microwaved] The quality was NOT there, specially for the prices of things. We called our waitress over, told her to cancel our order, because dirty dishes combined with gross nachos.. we weren’t interested in seeing what our entrees looked like. The manager [or owner, I assume] wasn’t rude, but claimed the chips were just fried. I just personally don’t believe it. I wanted to help support a local restaurant, during these uncertain times with covid-19, but dirty dishes, not well prepared food, the menus were also pretty dirty too.. Just all around didn’t seem like a clean environment. It just wasnt what we were hoping it would be. I hope they take steps to improve their menu, and the quality of their ingredients. But unfortunately, I won’t be returning.

Manda North

The delicious salsa made it ? Thank y'all for...bein you ;)

Beth Sommer

Very good place to eat even if you have to pick up and take out

marcus bryson

Best enchiladas in omaha great place


The chicken flour nachos are out of this World!!!! Fresh & Delicious!!!! Wonderful!!??


Try the flour OJ's strips! So simple but somehow so delicious! And the hot sauce is just the very best!

Christian D.

Where do I start.... If I could give this zero stars I would! Walked in and was seated. Order drinks and food right off the bat. 15 mins later Came back and IDed one of the 4. While sitting for another 5 mins there was bug that fell from the ceiling into my beard. Food came out before drinks. Waitress said sorry I was in the kitchen making your food. I have not gotten to your drinks yet. Tacos came out cold and thrown together. Kraft cheese no condiments, worst taco I have ever seen. Upon biting into the unseasoned chicken one of the patrons pulled out a long course gray hair. One of the patrons walked out and was completely disgusted. After the waitress returned with the drinks finally. We brought the hair to the attention of the waitress. She simply said well do you still have the hair for proof! We tried to get the meal compted the waitress said well I wouldn't eat it either. She brought the bill and to our suprise it was 70 dollars. The Margarita were priced 8 dollars on the menu, but we were charged 13 a piece on the bill. The waitress did not comp any of the meal! If I could give this zero stars I would! Please don't go here!

Steve Sleeper

food is wonderful. oj strips are the best. service is good. sometimes there's a line, but they move folks though quickly

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