Kaydet Cafe

Birleşik Devletler, Rd 808, Sargent
(646) 494-0095

Recent Reviews


Always a great place to cool off in the summer with some ice cream. Food is great and you can grab a lunch on the go or sit down and relax for a bit!

Doug K

This is a tiny cafe, (and the restrooms are even tinier!) with a limited menu. The burgers are probably your best bet unless you love deep fried food. Ice cream is an even better bet. The service is excellent but with only 4 or five tables coverage is simple. You'll likely be in between conversations between tables. Everyone knows everyone.


If you don't get a tornado, you're missing out on what north central nebraska really has to offer. Burgers are good and tasteful, fried food is fresh and golden brown versus some places that cook with what looks like used motor oil.

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