Chicago Cubs Park Add 3 New Food Items To Menu
  11 April, 2017

Chicago Cubs Park Add 3 New Food Items To Menu

The Chicago Cubs are back for their Spring Training season. And, with their return includes the people behind the scenes who want to make sure park visitors partake in the amazing culinary sensations. Sloan Park is offering three new foods to its menu - The Mac and Cheese Dog, The Chicago Burger and The Pizza Dog.

Mac and Cheese Dog - The hot dog is a must-have at a baseball game, and it can get a facelift with the introduction of bacon bits and mac and cheese. Add some color with green onions.

Chicago Burger - This burger will have a Dill pickle spear, pickled sport peppers, relish and white onions - similar to what you'd see on the Chicago Dog.

Pizza Dog - Most people love pizza, and Chicago residents often debate about what restaurants offer the best pizza. Add the park to the list of most try pizza creations with the Pizza Dog, which sports Italian sausage, pepperoni, a house-made marinara sauce and Provolone cheese on a homemade baguette.