Chick-fil-A Trying Out Mac-and-Cheese Option On Its Menu
  29 October, 2018

Chick-fil-A Trying Out Mac-and-Cheese Option On Its Menu

There's been only a handful of Chick-fil-A restaurants that have been offering macaroni and cheese as a side dish. And, where it's been offered has been received quite well.

Many people did not know that the popular Georgia-based fast-food chicken restaurant was offering mac-and-cheese as an option. Those lucky enough to have the option have said time and again that the macaroni is very good.

The dish, which began in 2017 as part of Chick-fil-A's "Family Style Meals", was only available in Nashville. It was included in a meal bundle that offered a choice of chicken and two family styles - one of which was the macaroni and cheese. Due to its popularity there, the company expanded to other states like Georgia, Maryland, Tennessee and Texas.

Depending on how the mac and cheese is received at these locations, the company may decide to expand it to all menus and make it a permanent one.

Chick-fil-A fans have been begging for the restaurant to keep mac and cheese on its menu and make it available nationwide.