Dairy Queen Brings Back Its Valentine's Day Blizzard
  12 February, 2019

Dairy Queen Brings Back Its Valentine's Day Blizzard

If the Dairy Queen Valentine's Day Blizzard is something you've been looking forward to, congratulations! The popular fast-food chain has brought the treat back, and even several days early than anticipated.

With Valentine's Day in a week, many restaurants and fast food chains are releasing holiday specials. For Dairy Queen, that's a holiday special menu item called the Valentine's Day Blizzard. The Blizzard will be a mixture of vanilla soft serve, Ghirardelli chocolate and strawberry topping. Look at it as a chocolate-covered strawberry with ice cream.

For cake lovers, Dairy Queen offers the Dipped Strawberry Cupid Cake with Ghirardelli chocolate - the best cake for two to share. People who want to get their hands on this ice-cream cake can do so by ordering online or visiting their participating Dairy Queen.

It's not known how long these Valentine's Day treats will be around, but the guess is that they won't last far beyond Valentine's Day. The chance of the Blizzard lasting the entire month is high as it's the Blizzard of the Month.