DQ Adds New Summer Fall Items To Menu
  02 October, 2017

DQ Adds New Summer Fall Items To Menu

Dairy Queen has come up with a new DQ Bake - the Molten Lava Cake a' la Mode.

The company said the goal of its DQ Bake Institute is to inspire, develop and enrich additional ideas that spur from its DQ kitchen. For customers, this means a new way to get a sugar rush!

The Molten Lava Cake a' la Mode is a delicious chocolate cake with chocolate fudge melted on the inside that bursts from the center. It's served with hot fudge and vanilla soft serve ice cream. It's the fancy dessert that's often seen in sit-down style restaurants.

If the heat is getting to you, DQ is offering its limited-edition Chocolate Cake Blizzard, which is a blend of its vanilla soft serve ice cream with fudge frosting, moist chocolate cake and choco chunks. If the fall season is on your mind, the company has released a Pumpkin Pie Blizzard with whipped cream and nutmeg on top.