Firehouse Subs Offers Smaller Sandwiches
  15 May, 2017

Firehouse Subs Offers Smaller Sandwiches

Firehouse Subs, in an effort to bring in new customers and boost frequency in recurring guests, are now offering smaller versions of their sandwiches in all stores throughout the nation.

That's the word from the restaurant's CEO Don Fox.

Fox said the smaller subs are replacing the low-calorie "Hearty and Flavorful" sandwich line that included modified types of the regular subs with lighter cheeses and sauces and less bread. The lower calorie sandwiches were all less than 500 calories but still full price like the full-calorie items.

According to Fox, the restaurant felt it was important to focus on better variety as well as price point.

The restaurant will also begin offering new side items such as chopped salad with romaine, cucumber and tomato and Red Delicious apples. Half the chains started offering the broccoli cheese and chicken noodles soups already.

Side prices varied by the location.

Firehouse Subs reduced-size sandwiches will have two ounces of protein (rather than four), with a measurement of 3.5 to 4-inches long. The new subs will have the same build as the bigger sandwiches but be a smaller size.

There's been no real announcement about the calorie claim, but the new menu boards have been rolling out and has listed the three sizes for all subs, with calorie and price information to boot.

Fox said the smaller sandwiches has been tested in various markets last year and did better than the Hearty & Flavorful sandwiches. He said those sandwiches were doing two times better than the other options.

Fox said the restaurant feels the addition of the reduced-size subs will boost the frequency rate of guests, especially among women. He said the company knows how important money is to people, and the option allows them to still eat like they want without spending a lot.

Fox also said he hopes the small sandwich sizes lure in new customers because of the prices.

He also said the company expects a sales increase with the soup in conjunction with the smaller subs.