Houston-Based Los Cocos Restaurant Offers A Variety of Mole Dishes
  12 April, 2017

Houston-Based Los Cocos Restaurant Offers A Variety of Mole Dishes

Xochi is the first lavish Oaxacan restaurant for the Houston area, and it's caused many people to think of the Oaxacan moles. There are seven primary varieties of Oaxacan moles, but the one getting the most attention is the mole Poblano - a dark chocolate blend hailed from Puebla. If it's something you'd like to try, you can visit the Los Cocos Restaurant in Houston to get a taste.

Los Cocos restaurant owners Minerva Guzman and Francisco Lopez come from Los Cocos. They explained that the dish was founded about 80 years ago by their grandfather and family members that moved to the Houston area. According to both, the killer mole sauce is native to 300-strong Los Cocos.

The Los Cocos menu offers two mole dishes - the enchiladas de mole and mole con pollo. Both have an inky sauce, but the enchiladas de mole has shredded chicken tucked away in the sauce softened tortillas. The sauce is a mixture of cinnamon and chocolate, a sweetener that gives ways to dark bitterness of dried chiles.

The restaurant also offers weekly mole dish specials. For instance, diners can order the dark red mole de Puerco on Thursday. On Friday, they can order the mole de torta de queso with fried rounds of queso fresco in a spicy mole. The dish includes chunks of chewy cheese served over cubes of soft cactus with a side of tortillas.

Los Cocos offers other kinds of foods besides mole. For instance, it offers the chilate de pollo, grilled steaks, Chiles rellenos and seafood.