KFC Vows To Use Antibiotic-Free Chickens Only
  02 May, 2017

KFC Vows To Use Antibiotic-Free Chickens Only

KFC will no longer use chicken that has antibiotics by the end of 2018, making it become the first fast food chain to offer a more natural product.

KFC, which has 4,200 locations in the U.S., said it would not use any chicken - on the bone and boneless - that have had antibiotics.

Burger King, Chipotle, McDonald's, Panera and Wendy's have all made claims similar to KFCs, vowing not to use chickens with antibiotics. KFC, on the other hand, feels it's the leader in using natural chicken for its on-the-bone chicken.

The Centers for Disease Control said farm animals that are treated with antibiotics could lead to resistant bacteria to grow. When people mishandle or improperly cook food, they could become seriously ill or die.

KFC President Kevin Hochman said the company shares the public's concerns when it comes to antimicrobial resistance.

The move to using this kind of chicken won't mean higher consumer prices, as Hochman said the cost is minute enough for the company to address it themselves. He said it's not going to be easy, as more growers will need to raise chickens without antibiotics that meet KFC's demands.

KFC has implemented the policy and worked with over 2,000 farms, many of them family-owned and managed in several states.

The company said it wants to get rid of artificial flavors and colors from its main product by the close of 2018 and have 100% natural products on their menu, not including third-party products and drinks.