Local Oyster Restaurant To Open A New Restaurant Second Line
  25 September, 2017

Local Oyster Restaurant To Open A New Restaurant Second Line

Nick Schauman, the owner and operator of Local Oyster in Mount Vernon, will soon open another restaurant in Remington, calling it "Second Line."

Schauman has been working tirelessly to offer Remington residents a menu that offers Maryland seafood but with the flavors seen along the Gulf coast. He said the idea was to use the traditions of Maryland and combine with the dishes of the Gulf. Schauman said po'boy sandwiches and crawdads would be on the menu as well as the local sea favorites.

Diners will be treated to a live music soundtrack while they eat.

Schauman said the restaurant would have a jazz-ragtime happy hour. He's hoping to offer live music that includes piano players who would like to call the restaurant a home.

The restaurant, which has the same name but is no relation to the Second Line restaurant in Memphis, has been considered for around a year. It will be Schauman's first full-scale restaurant since opening the Local Oyster in 2015 after two years of being a traveling oyster bar.

Schauman said it's much different to open a brick and mortar space than moving into the market. He said he wants to make sure everything is done the right way - and is carefully making the move to open the Second Line restaurant.