McDonald's Releases Minute Maid Slushes Line
  08 May, 2017

McDonald's Releases Minute Maid Slushes Line

McDonald's has officially released its line of Minute Maid slushies in roughly 6,000 stores across the South and Midwest. The company is offering the line in the hopes that its customers will become interested in its beverages line again.

According to McDonald's spokesperson Becca Hary, the drinks are not offered in Chicago, they are seen throughout the state of Illinois. The slushes are a mixture of ice and fruit juice and have three flavors - cherry limeade, orangeade and fruit punch. Cherry limeade is well-known as a Sonic favorite.

McDonald's has increased its efforts to better its beverage program, with the goal to boost customers. The largest burger chain in the world noted that, since 2012, it has lost around 500 million customer purchases. The losses began when the restaurant opted to discontinue its $1 menu. The restaurant will also rework its McCafe program to compete with rivals such as Starbucks and keep loyal customers to come back for their coffee. It will also extend some of its flavor add-ons such as the Shamrock Shake mint.

The company also made lowered the prices on its beverages - McCafe drinks, which includes frappes and smoothies are $2. Soft drinks are now $1.