Olive Garden Adds Spicy Alfredo Chicken Tenders To Menu
  06 March, 2019

Olive Garden Adds Spicy Alfredo Chicken Tenders To Menu

Olive Garden is offering its guests a new spicy Alfredo dish - Alfredo chicken tenders.

The company has always had chicken tenders, but this is a whole new twist to the food. Olive Garden is looking to add more American to its Italian-American menu, and one way it's doing that is offering spicy Alfredo chicken tenders. Think of it as the grown-up version to the well-known childhood chicken and pasta.

The lightly breaded and fried chicken tenders are run through a spicy Alfredo sauce. The sauce is made hot via hot cherry peppers. It will come with a side of Alfredo sauce you can get with the company's other pasta dishes. You'll still get the unlimited breadsticks that you can also dip into the Alfredo sauce.

Some people may have or have not known that Olive Garden has always offered chicken tenders, but they have, and now they offer a gracious way to eat chicken tenders with a dipping sauce. The cost for the new Spicy Alfredo Chicken Tenders is $7.99.

On the menu - new to the company - is Chicken Alfredo Pizza Fritta. Similar a calzone, it comprises of chicken, three kinds of cheese and Alfredo sauce in a fried pizza dough. It comes with both marinara and Alfredo sauce. The cost is $6.99.