Singer Drake To Open Pick 6 Restaurant In Toronto
  06 September, 2017

Singer Drake To Open Pick 6 Restaurant In Toronto

Drake is allegedly going to open a new restaurant dubbed "Pick 6" in the Toronto area.


It wasn't too long ago that Drank and the OVO crew announced they would open a flagship store in the New York City region, but it appears Drake also has his eyes set on opening one in his hometown of Toronto.

Footage recently surfaced of OVO owls showing up on buildings in Toronto's financial district - mainly need the corner of Wellington St. and Yonge. This was the location of the once Houston Bar and Grill. With the name like "Pick 6", which is a reference to football, the restaurant may actually be a sports bar.

No additional information has been offered about the new restaurant.

If you didn't realize it, it's the first time in eight years that Drake hasn't been featured on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. However, it's been reported that he's currently in Toronto to work on a new album.