Sonic Adds Four New Delicious Twists To Iced Coffee Menu
  06 October, 2017

Sonic Adds Four New Delicious Twists To Iced Coffee Menu

Sonic, for a short time, will offer some new additions to its iced coffee line such as the Iced Coffee Twists that includes Caramel or Chocolate.

The Chocolate or Caramel swirls will give the company's Iced Coffees some delicious flavor. Sonic continues to expand its drink menu - allowing people to customize it how they'd like. It's the kind of menu consumers won't see any other locations.

Its Iced Coffee Twists will ensure the full flavor of the concoctions become something new entirely. The company uses Green Mountain Coffee 100-percent Arabica beans, and the additional flavor provides a sweetness for the boost in flavor. Consumers have their choice of four delicious flavors - Double Chocolate Twist, French Vanilla Chocolate Twist, French Vanilla Caramel Twist and Praline Pecan Chocolate Twist.

Sonic Vice President of Product Innovation and Development Scott Uehlein said the new swirls would ensure the coffee drink's roasted flavor is more pronounced. He said the additional sweetness would provide some indulgence to produce a delicious coffee drink regardless of the day. Uehlin said the latest additions to the Iced Coffee Twist menu is being added to an already extensive drink lineup that consumers can choose from.