Sonic Drive-In Adds Mushroom Burger To Menu
  13 July, 2017

Sonic Drive-In Adds Mushroom Burger To Menu

Sonic Drive-In is trying something new for its burger patty - mushrooms right into the burger.

Fast Company announced that beginning in August and for 60 days, this new burger will be tried out in several test markets. 25% of the burger will comprise of mushrooms, meaning the mixed burger will have fewer calories and less fat than its infamous all-beef burger.

Although not a new concept to blended mushrooms with meat, it does make Sonic the first fast food restaurant to include this burger type into its menu. Called the Slinger, the burger comes with people's choice of ingredients such as mayo, ketchup, mustard, lettuce, onions, cheese, pickles and tomato on a brioche bun.

In 2015, the James Beard Foundation created the Blended Burger Project, which challenged chefs from around the nation to come up with a burger that included 25% fresh mushrooms that were ground up and could be included with various burger ingredients.

Some focus group taste testers said the mushroom burger was actually better than the restaurant's all-beef version. If the mushroom burger is hit with customers, it may lead to other fast food and restaurants to come up with their own version, which could lead to a decrease in how much beef is consumed.

With these kinds of burgers, it could change the way beef production and consumption goes. A burger that's made up of 25% mushroom could have a big environmental impact. One recent study showed that one pound of mushrooms emits just 0.7% of carbon emissions compared to nearly 13 pounds for a single pound of beef.

For people who don't want to wait for Sonic's new blended burgers, there are several restaurants already taking part in the Blended Burger Project.

Mushrooms tend to go really good with beef, due to the complexity of savoriness and flavor it adds to the meat. Mushrooms and Swiss cheese on a burger taste really good, which is why it makes sense to add ground-up mushrooms right into the patty.

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