Subway Campaign Buy A Hero, Be A Hero To Help Fight Cancer
  28 April, 2017

Subway Campaign Buy A Hero, Be A Hero To Help Fight Cancer

"Buy A Hero, Be A Hero" - that's the new Subway restaurant campaign in Western Tennessee to help fight against cancer.

The promotion, which goes until May 21, encourages customers to visit any participating Subway restaurant and buy its new Italian Hero sub. 50 cents will be donated to the Kirkland Cancer Center for every Italian Hero that's sold. $1 will be given to the local community to help people who are getting cancer treatments

A $1,500 donation is being made by the local West Tennessee Subway restaurants.

Subway customers may make direct donations through any participating restaurant until May 21.

West Tennessee Healthcare Foundation President Frank McMeen said the Foundation and the Kirkland Cancer Center are happy to have a compassionate community partner such as Subway involved with the program. The Subway House helped to propel the latest campaign to help local cancer patients in West Tennessee community.

The Subway House is a home for cancer patients who need assistance while they undergo treatments. It's a part of the West Tennessee Healthcare's Hospitality House Program, which offers housing for patients and families that are unable to travel back and forth without affecting their health care treatments.