Survey Finds Most Popular Restaurants Are Lesser Known Dinings
  10 April, 2017

Survey Finds Most Popular Restaurants Are Lesser Known Dinings

When people think of fast food chains, they automatically turn to McDonald's, Burger King, KFC, Taco Bell or Pizza Hut. However, it may surprise you to know that these are no longer the favorites in consumers' eyes.

According to a CNBC report, it's the lesser-known restaurants that are regarded as people's favorites. A review of 11,000 customer ratings was done to see how happy people were with restaurants' food, price and service.

According to this Market Force Information data, it appears that In-N-Out Burger, which is a West Coast burger chain, appears to top the list because of its famous secret, not really a secret menu. Following In-N-Out is Culvers, Smashburger and Five Guys.

The lowest scores were given to McDonald's and Burger King.

In the pizza category, Pizza Hut was last. Marco's Pizza, which is based on Toledo and has restaurants in more than 30 states, took the top prize. Next in line were Pizza Ranch and Papa Murphy's.

For the chicken category, KFC and Popeye's were last; Chick-fil-A has stayed the most popular for the last four years.

Jacksonville, Florida-based Firehouse Subs, known for its ingredient-loaded subs tops the list for sandwich chains, with Jimmy John's, Arby's and Subway coming in last.

Chipotle, although it was hit by the E. coli outbreak in 2015, still managed to score big within the Mexican category. However, El Pollo Loco and Moe's Southwest Grill were closely trailing it.

It would seem obvious that it would be better to try something new instead of ordering from the same old, tried and true restaurants like Burger King, Taco Bell and McDonald's.