What is a Veggie Burger
  25 May, 2017

What is a Veggie Burger

Most vegetarians and vegans didn't grow up without meat. When people decide to make a switch to going meatless for dietary or moral reasons, it isn't always easy finding something to eat. And thus, the veggie burger craze was born to give vegetarians and vegans alike something sandwich-like to enjoy at home or while out to eat.

But what exactly IS a veggie burger? As the name suggests, it's a burger-shaped patty fashioned out of meat-free ingredients. Some will still contain animal products like eggs while others are completely made from vegetables and beans. Depending on which brands you purchase at the store or which restaurant you visit, you'll find different kinds of veggie burgers. You can also make your own.

There is much debate over who exactly created veggie burgers or where they originated from, but by almost every account, they began sprouting up everywhere in the 1980s when concerns over being health-conscious began to take root. Now you can find veggie burgers almost anywhere you go. Plenty of fast food restaurants and chains now offer veggie burger options on their menus to provide a delicious and meat-free option for vegetarian and vegan diners.

The most common varieties of veggie burgers contain vegetables such as potatoes or corn, soy or some other textured vegetable protein to give it the same consistency as burgers made from meats, beans (typically black beans to match the color of meat burgers, mushrooms, wheat and flax.

Many of the original veggie burgers were not renowned for their flavor, but over the years, they have improved vastly, to the point where even meat eaters like to enjoy them from time to time. Are you looking for a restaurant that serves veggie burgers near you? It's easy to find one if you know where to look!