Red Apple Buffet

161 Loudon Rd, Concord
(603) 226-8866

Recent Reviews

Susan Chenard

Buffet with wide variety. During pandemic, now plating your choices for you. Went with my wheelchair-bound father this evening, and they helpfully ran his filled plate and duck sauce to table for us.

Nick Gagnon

I love red apple buffet all people there are nice wish we had something like this in North country

Cheryl Mclean

It was ok, different since covid hit, but food was good

Nathaniel Sliffe

Used to come here regularly when I lived in Concord 10 years ago. It was always one of my favorites. Visiting them again recently it was great to see not much has changed! The food is still great


The buffet was above avage for the selection of food they had.The food was really good and very fresh.

Betty Liporto

I found this place to be exceptionally clean with wonderful service. The food was fabulous & the wait staff was ever so helpful & accommodating. It felt like a very safe environment. My friends & I will definitely return.

Alan Rumney

The Red Apple has finally opened their dining room. It s great to get back to the best Chinese buffet in New Hampshire. The staff was very attentive in serving the entrees and the steam tables were well stocked. It was not crowded at all since most people don't know it is open yetIt used to be very crowded on Saturday between 1-3. Food was delicious as usual and I was glad to see that the price was the same.

Bill Waites

This place is following the covid guidelines perfectly. Also the food was awesome!!!! Priced to fill the hardiest appetite. Enjoy this buffet the right way.

R Rubio

I admire this venue a lot. theres a special atmosphere. The cuisine is wonderful. the service is effective and the team is professional. The cost is satisfactory. greatly recommend.

tammy berdal

You have to be served versus serving yourself. It is a challenge to get the right amount and which piece you want. They have lettuce but do not have anything to go with it. The food is not very hot. The staff were not friendly or unfriendly. They are doing their best in covid times.

Thomas Connolly

Adapted for take out and outdoor dining only currently, choose 3 items plus rice or noodles. Spring rolls are crisp and flavorful; excellent fried rice. Large portions. Great value for 8.95.

Jason Domenico

Best sushi at a Chinese buffet. Everything else is usually hot and fresh. Never left hangry.

Paula Milbourn

I'm not sure if they're still doing it but visited here a couple weeks ago and while they didn't have the buffet going you are able to order from a dish up on the menu and they had no problem with switching it( they were three item dishes with lo mein or fried rice) around a little bit to accommodate you just walk up to the door give you order and they handed to you out the window food still as good as always and the service was great


I was excited to order the black pepper chicken today as part of the lunch buffet takeout special. The girl on the phone told me they did not have it, but they have broccoli. I said okay (thinking it was the sauce on broccoli). After I hung up I realised she meant chicken and broccoli, which I absolutely hate, but did not want to bother them and hoped it was just a broccoli dish. When I went to pick it up I saw on the sign that pepper chicken is part of the buffet take out and tried talking to the staff, but she assured me I was wrong and it could only be ordered by itself... despite the menu in front of me. The food has been discarded and I will be teaching myself how to make the dish I wanted, which I should have done already!

Eric Hodgson

Love their pepper chicken! If you like buffets you definately need to check this one out

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