Whiskey & Wine

148 N Main St #4917, Concord
(603) 715-8575

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Greg S.

After coming up short in our search for a tapas-style restaurant in Nashua or Manchester that wasn't Spanish, we came across Whiskey and Wine in Concord and made the drive north. This was a birthday dinner for my friend on a cold December Wednesday night. The restaurant was not busy (probably 2 other tables with guests plus one person at the bar) and was staffed by one server/bartender and probably two people in the kitchen. Service was almost perfectly paced, though it felt a little slow at times, which makes me wonder how slow it might be if the restaurant were full. The food - we had a selection of small plates plus the steak frites entree shared between the two of us - was good. Each plate was served hot straight from the kitchen, sometimes by the chef himself. The sweet potato hash that comes with the steak was delicious - so much better than standard frites. The drinks (we had a couple of different bourbon mixed drinks) were good, but not anything to shout from the rooftops about. Good enough for me to order a second of mine, though. Three drinks from the bar, 3 or 4 small plates, plus one entree set us back about $122 before tip. The verdict? I'd come back.

Julie Barker

Great spot in Concord! Server Amy was very personable and made delicious drink specials! Chef John personally delivered our food. Pork belly bao and cheese steak eggs rolls were fantastic!

Keelan F.

My husband and I ordered takeout from Whiskey & Wine on two occasions. The first time, we were blown away. The ramen was to die for. I ordered a miso based ramen, and he ordered a pork based ramen. The broth was rich and heavenly, the mushrooms delicious, and the egg a perfect touch. It was so good that we ordered exactly the same meal about two weeks later. At first, I could have sworn we ordered from an entirely different restaurant. My husband had one BITE of meat in his dish. I had ONE slice of a mushroom, a few shredded carrots, and a lousy piece of bok choy. The broth was bland, and was about half the amount we received last time. There was no egg for either of us. The noodles weren't even cooked properly. Such a disappointment. I will not give them a second chance because of how disappointing our second experience was.

Sara E.

Don't come here. We were a party of 4 and had to leave early because after an hour we still had not received the salad one of us ordered. She did not receive her entree either, obviously. No excuses for whatever is wrong here.

Steve H.

My wife took my here for my birthday last night and it was so disappointing. We were here several months ago and it was very good, so not sure if there's new ownership but we won't be back. We were the only ones in the restaurant with our flavorless steak and unappealing sides and appetizers. My wife said the 99 restaurant would've been better.

Johnson Qu

This place seems overloaded and the food has probably suffered. First off, I do want to say big thank you to our server who was also running the bar, alone. She was probably doing triple the work load, so I really didn't want to give her any extra things to worry about.But man, the drinks were disappointing, and our food was really not well thought out. We ordered two small plates, a scallop caviar crostini, and a spicy tuna. The scallop crostini came out, with no caviar. We asked about this, and our waitress checked in and said, yeah, they weren't able to source caviar, so it's not there. Said she would check in on it, but again she's running around doing the full house, so we paid 22 dollars for 3 scallops on an inch of bread. What's sad is everyone agreed the creamy salty punch was exactly what this plate needed. The spicy tuna was also not thought out. The tuna was virtually unseasoned, really needed some sort of sauce or flavor (perhaps a spicy aioli) to tie it together, and sitting on top of a brick of deep fried rice that didn't add a pleasant texture.

Dan Rohn

Walked in and asked to be seated. The hostess said we could sit at the bar and another woman ran out and said that the empty tables and the bar were reserved. Ok. They said it would be 30 minutes. We said that was fine. We waited outside and saw no one go in for 30 minutes. We decided to go to a friendlier restaurant one block down. They had our cell number and never called. 2 hours later we drove by and all but one table was empty and they still did not call us. I will NEVER try them again.

Dave H.

Went in for an early dinner on a weekend recently. Small place, friendly staff. Seemed to take a long time to get our drinks even though the room was mostly empty. We were disappointed by the food, including the quantity. We started with the charcuterie board. It was much smaller that we expected, and with only limited ingredients. For $35 we were expecting more variety or larger portions. We each had another app; nothing to rave about, decided to call it a night. That and two drinks each brought us to over $100. According to Yelp, two stars is 'could've been better'. That is how we felt.

Chris Jackson

This is one of the best date night ideas in Concord or so my wife tells me. They have an amazing menu of all sorts of interesting appetizers and meals on rotation so you can go fairly regularly and always have new options. Top notch charcuterie, legit wine menu, and their whiskey selection is fantastic. I still remember my first time going there and was super excited to have cheesecake for dessert. After I finished the meal, the owner came out looking all sad and said they were out of cheesecake. Well, I was understandably livid, but maintained my generally good manners but did jokingly tell her I would trash the place on Yelp, which is obviously a joke because I only review places on Google like a gentleman. Well, she came out with a dessert bourbon for me, free of charge, which was some sort of maple something or rather. That's what I call service. I still want cheesecake, but this place is a superb date night.

Joe Gleason

Our first time here and it was great. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable. Drinks were delivered quickly, dinner took almost too long to be served. It was worth the wait though! We'll be coming back. ?


Apparently, "Ramen" doesn't have broth...according to this restaurant. Severely disappointed in the misrepresentation...soy-drenched noodles and vegetables do not make an authentic Ramen. Do not call it a Ramen if it doesn't fit the bill.We were charged $46 dollars for two "Ramen" and an order of Bao. We will not be returning.

cait downing

So glad we found this place!! They have by far the best and most authentic bao buns around. They make it daily right in their kitchen. This place is a must go!! The people that work here are also some of the friendliest around.

Cait Downing

This place is an absolute must!!! Look no further for the most amazing and authentic bao buns!! The spicy chicken is the best I’ve ever had. So excited to have this gem in Concord!!!

S Jackson

I was very excited to try this restaurant, new to town and walked past this place many times. The reviews were good. I decided to do takeout and get the lemon pepper salmon with jasmine rice, sauté spinach and got the spicy chicken baoGetting to the restaurant I checked to make sure I had everything, from the container I couldn’t see the spinach so I decided to ask to make sure it was underneath the salmon, the server confirmed it was under the salmon.Got home ready to stuff my face ?!!! Take my first bite salmon has a faint taste of lemon pepper not bad but not great, second bite salmon and rice very chewy and hard, kept eating a little more but paused and started moving things around, no spinach and they gave me the bottom of the pan of rice! You can tell by the picture!!! As I’m already fuming, I spot the last straw, a piece of hair in my food. ???I just threw it out. I tried the bao, flavor was okay but the chicken was dry. Didn’t have a good experience.

Stephanie McCready

Went here last weekend the food was good but way overpriced and such a small portion of food. Drinks were ok but again still pricey.

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