Whiskey & Wine

148 N Main St #4917, Concord
(603) 715-8575

Recent Reviews

Morton Forty

Eggplant bao was delicious! Great atmosphere, staff was friendly, love the look of the place. I would steer clear of the Ramen. Had the Tonkutsu -- meat and broth had no flavor, miso eggs were cold, broth tasted extremely bland. Overall disappointed with the entree, but the appetizer and drinks were good.

Camila Devlin

This place has a new chef and it SHOWS!! Quality of the food has reached new heights (after a somewhat sad year+) and I’m so glad to have my fav restaurant back! Not only did they bring it with the on-menu items; the chef was excited to accommodate my partner (who adheres to a raw vegan diet) with an off-menu dish. This is simply the best spot in town and I can’t wait to go back!

Rob C.

I never leave reviews, but my experience last night was so poor that I really felt I had to. I made a 7 PM reservation and arrived with my wife about 10 minutes early. When we walked in there was no one to greet us. We stood there for probably about seven minutes before someone acknowledged our presence. It was pretty strange considering multiple waitstaff looked directly at us and just kept moving along. That alone was pretty offputting and we were pretty close to leaving even though we saw multiple open tables and the restaurant didn't seem all that busy. Eventually, we were seated. After being seated, the waiter came back to us fairly quickly and took our drink order. He came back with our drinks about 10 minutes later, which was fine. When he came back with our drinks I let him know that we were ready to order and he assured me he would be back in a minute to take our order. I would say it was probably 20 to 25 minutes later before he came back to take our order even though it was clear we were waiting for him. Again, he looked at us directly multiple times knowing we were just there waiting for him to take our order. By that time, multiple tables were open and multiple new sets of patrons had come in. I once again thought about leaving before he came back to take our order. Obviously, we knew exactly what we were going to get since it had probably been about 30 minutes that we had been there already. We went to order our multiple dishes and he informed us about 75% of the things we wanted were not available (including the bao buns and ramen which were the main reasons we came). Once again this was incredibly offputting since he could've simply explained that at the time he sat us. Instead we were left to try to make some very last second decisions even though we were waiting for so long to simply order. After ordering, things again got pretty weird. We sat and waited at least another 30 to 40 minutes while watching all the other tables that came in after us, get their food. Again, our waiter looked at us multiple times knowing that we were pretty irritated with the situation before coming back to try to explain. He told us that the kitchen staff was very new which was why they were getting backed up. I tried to ask why, in that case, would all the other tables be getting their food and he didn't really have a good explanation besides saying that he was trying to do things the right way and be honest with us. It certainly didn't feel like that was the case. I will say, that the waiter did try to do his best and gave us our appetizers for free as well as a glass of wine for my wife. I did appreciate that although it was a little too late at that point. Eventually, we did get our food and I was once again disappointed. The calamari was incredibly plain, and the tuna appetizer was pretty flavorless and overly greasy. Despite that, I was still pretty excited for my short ribs with polenta. That proved to be the biggest disappointment of all, however. The meat was tiny, dry, and flavorless and the polenta quite honestly tasted like nothing with a very odd texture. I have had many short rib dishes in my life, and this was by far the worst. My wife's Greek salad was quite good. I have been to this restaurant at least four other times and was pretty pleased each time. I might try going back at some point although it will honestly be a while. Last night's experience left a very bad taste in my mouth in more ways than one.

Samantha Germana

Delicious cocktails. Convenient location downtown. High recommend for a relaxed evening out.

Courtney N.

Downtown Concord provided us with an awesome bakery find and this restaurant last Saturday. Both are located near to each other so if you need a dessert after your meal at Whiskey & Wine then I recommend going down the street to the Crust and Crumb Bakery. This restaurant was interesting in that they have tons (biggest selection that I've ever seen) of whiskeys and wines and the menu is Asian fusion. First off, very nice atmosphere. The woman who seated (then served) us was so friendly and funny. I think she's normally the bartender. She was great and really added to the experience. Kudos to her for how great she was with all of the customers. The menu is very interesting. Lots of Asian fusion choices. We went with a bit of everything. They had Tonkatsu Ramen which I had to go with (newest obsession). It was very nice but sneaky spicy. I particularly liked the presentation of the eggs and pork belly and the warm spice that accompanied every spoonful of the broth. We also got the pork belly bao which came with two yummy pork belly overflowing steamed buns. A lot of bun for the price! My dining partner was brave and went with the fried sardines. No complaints from him and that's not something you see every day so very cool. We also tried the spicy duck wings. Be careful as the sauce is super duper spicy. The wings are boneless and have a bit of a kick but a really nice flavor overall. Finally, we tried the yucca fries. I loved whatever the concoction was that you dipped them in - yum. Those were probably the only item without a kick so if you need something tasty but bland for spices that's the way to go. Due to his dry January we didn't go with any of the whiskey, alas. The bill for all of this was less than $60 and we got a ton of food. We can't wait to return to try more of the unique items. It's near the beginning (or end depending on how you enter) of the downtown and kind of easy to miss but I really recommend stopping in if you're a fan of Asian fusion. You won't be disappointed!

Marvin Gowins

I got cold ramen and pork belly and the waitress was ok not crowded and i waited 30 mins for cold food and 15 mins just to get a drink. What a shame.

Laura Himes

Always great food here, I’m always surprised they aren’t busier. Maybe it’s the location. But never a bad meal! Homemade food, small plates and ramen are amazing. Drinks are always delicious.

Miranda McCrea

Perfect cheese board! Highly recommend.

Lia Bedard

LOVE this place! Drinks are strong, food is amazing, employees are attentive, and the atmosphere is beautiful!

Mark D

A great small spot on Main street. Love the feel, kind of a "British pub" feel. Great items to share, Mix drinks were great and wines were also tasty. Good amounts beers too. We had salads plus 3 apps that we shared. We left full.

Melissa C.

We wanted so badly to like this place! We tried twice to go here before we succeeded because the signage is so dark at night and the door is so setback it fades into the background even if you a local and are looking for it. Let's start with the drinks. I asked for a red wine blend and they only had one option unfortunately it wasn't good. So we went with the old faithful drinks. We ordered a creamy espresso martini that he didn't know how to make so I gave him the recipe and a cosmo. Seems simple enough right? The espresso martini wasn't creamy. We asked for vanilla vodka, Kailua and Baileys and got only Kailua and vodka. The cosmo was dark pink and so sour I couldn't drink it. Mind you I like sour. We also ordered a Diet Coke which we had to ask for twice and when it came it had a chemical after taste. Fried pickles were a special so we went for it. The flavor would have been good but they were covered with season salt and between that and the pickle way too salty! The aioli was interesting though and overall they were the shining star in an otherwise epic fail. We came here because they have pork belly bao and I ordered the seared tuna on crispy rice. The pork belly in the bao was so charred it was inedible (see pictures). The seared tuna on crispy rice was also inedible. In fact it was so old I didn't dare swallow the bite I had to spit it out (see pictures). We paid our bill without eating either meal or drinking our drinks. The waiter never asked how our meal was. He was too busy talking to another employee. When he came to bring the check after I flagged him down still didn't ask about them even though we were leaving without eating. It is the worst $80 I've ever spent in my life. I was a bartender so I rarely leave a bad review unless it is so bad I feel I am doing the public a favor by sharing. The place was empty and we had bad service, terrible food and terrible drinks. Save your money or check out other restaurants in the area. We now understand why it was empty.

Michaela A.

Came here on our way through NH and stopped off the highway after a quick search for a good ramen spot. My partner wanted ramen, I wanted tapas- boom, perfect. The drink menu was interesting and looked awesome but we hadn't found a place yet to sleep so we opted for the fancy water. For the tapas we tried the seared spicy tuna on crispy rice - UNBELIEVABLE lol Margherita flatbread- yummy, chewy crust, the cheese was so flavorful Chicken bao- fried, moist piece of chicken drizzled with a Siracha honey. My favorite appetizer and they did it well. For dinner my partner had the tan tan ramen and I had the stuffed chicken. His ramen had a nice depth of flavor and toppings, and the rice in my entree was amazing. Unfortunately my stuffed chicken was made with a less than desirable piece of chicken which was left uneaten on my plate. Oh! At the end of the meal our server offered us a quick dessert- fried bao dusted in cinnamon sugar. Yesss please

Candice M.

Came in for lunch, I ordered the surf and turf roll, the rice tasted like the sushi roll had been refrigerated and then once ordered taken out and tempura added. The steak seemed like good quality but not yakitori and it wasn't hot, it was room temp. I like the fact that they have different items on their menu that you'll wouldn't typically find in NH but for the price, I expect it to be fresh. Maybe I'll try them in the evening when they are busier!

Christoph S.

Monday night for dinner - place was crowded so we took a seat at the bar. Very friendly staff and service - it seems they really love what they are doing and working as a team. Wine selection is rather small for a Wine bar but is ok - they are probably more on the whiskey side (comes first in the name ;-)). We had a selection of Tapas- the cheese plate, bruschetta and the potatoes all was very good and good portion size to share. It all came in a reasonable time for the really packed small bar and small kitchen. What surprised us - expected longer waiting time- also after reading some of the earlier reviews. Interior is nice too so overall a very nice experience in the small capital city of NH.

Monica Boy Swenson

We went to dinner with friends. Great creative cocktails, delicious food, and fun atmosphere!

John Swenson

Such a great spot. The atmosphere reminds is of the cozy restaurants and bars in New York. Great food and drinks and a lively atmosphere.

Hal W.

The wife and I stopped in after a day of leaf peeping. We were immediately excited by the the presentation and grabbed a couple of seats at the bar. I ordered the Charred Orange Old Fashioned, which was delicious. And followed that up with the Belly Laugher Old Fashioned (made with pork belly infused bourbon). Also delicious. Unfortunately, everything was downhill from there. It took just over 35 minutes for them to bring out the first of our small tapas plates. They were just meatballs. And the sauce was bland at that. We also ordered the duck confit, which came out deep fried (which I was fine with but the wife was disappointed as the menu didn't state that). The scallops were drenched in a buttery mashed potato. And the pork belly bao was like biting in to a salt cube. This is the first time in our lives where we've ever eaten pork belly and weren't thinking this is the most delicious thing in the world why are we not constantly eating pork belly. The couple sitting next to us ordered the cauliflower, must have overheard us talking, and mentioned it was over-drenched in some kind of dressing. The woman who was tending bar was over the top loud and ruined any coziness the atmosphere was meant to provide. Her volume was at a constant 10. When she asked us if we wanted dessert and said no, she handed us the check instantly. We still had half our drinks to finish but she never cleared plates away. Even as they served us new tapas plates, they rarely took the old ones away, so they piled up. Then at the end of the night we were trying to relax and finish our drinks with dirty plates piled up in front of us. It was very strange. In short, I would recommend stopping in for a pre-dinner or late night cocktail, but find somewhere else to eat.

Javier Matos

Pretty excited this place exists in Concord. Good wine, beer, and mixed drinks. With a menu that takes you away from this small city and onto another continent.

Dexter Wang

Interesting Pub food. Pretty good.

Paul S.

So I happened to walk bye this place so I could get cash out of the ATM. I saw a couple in the window using chopsticks. That peaked my interest. They have a very wide variety of dishes. I saw Duck Confit on there twice. I love duck confit! I also noticed Ramen. Another one of my favorite dishes, but only if done well. I ordered the Yakitori Ramen which is more of a soba dish, but it was awesome! Don't expect this dish to come as a soup or Ramen. That's was fine by me. The noodles were cooked perfect. The meat was outstanding and then that spinach with bacon put this dish over the top. Already looking forward to my next meal there


Enjoyed some tapas and drinks here mid afternoon. Wasn’t busy but the food and drinks were delicious and service top notch. Great atmosphere for friends to hang or a special date. Will definitely be back!

Reuben K.

Got a Charred Orange Old Fashioned. It was very good. Interior looks great. There was no one inside, so I had a relaxing time at the bar to myself. Staff very friendly.


Alex took GREAT care of us and made a couple of wonderful cocktails for us from the menu. sliders had a good flavor and the chicken wings were very tasty! Would definitely go again when back in the area

Greg Robinson

Kitchen a little slow but dining room and bar people are very good

Karen C.

We came the night before just for a nightcap and saw the menu. We knew we had to come back. It stayed on our minds so much we went back the next night. Amazing dinner.! We went family style and had six of the shareable plates and wonderful wine. It was absolutely delicious. It's slightly eclectic and every dish we had was better than the last. Duck dumplings, white wine meatballs, scallops, pork bao buns, fried calamari and surf & turf roll. We will absolutely be back.


Amazing experience. Drove by a few weeks ago and decided to pop in tonight. Had the delicious cheese and meat plate (pictures below). . . Had two delicious blood orange whiskey sours - these were a special.. . Ordered the mussels, roasted cauliflower, spicy tuna and pork belly bao.. . Highly recommend all of these! . . Finished it off with a special dessert. Baileys espresso creme brí»lée. . . Also super reasonably priced!

Ryan Parsons

Our waitress was great, and the drink menu looked fantastic. However, we ordered 2 appetizers and an entree. The first appetizer (pork bao) ended up being made by the waitress because it had been 50 minutes since we ordered and still wasn't ready. After another 25 minutes with no second appetizer we decided to cancel the rest and leave. The frustrating part of this being that the place was not even remotely busy. The pork bao that we ordered was not bad but certainly wasn't worth the $10 price tag. Be prepared to wait, unless you just want drinks.

Laura Young

While the service was amazing, the wait time for the food was absolutely abysmal. Unfortunately I cannot comment on the food, since it took about an hour to even get an appetizer and we decided to leave before our entree’s.

Chris C.

We just had a very nice lunch with our first visit to Whiskey and Wine. We were the only ones there, but it seems like they are new to doing lunch. Service was super nice. We love tapas style eating, so loved the menu. Did the meatballs with white wine and mushroom sauce, yum! Chicken bao, roasted cauliflower! Very good! Thanks!!!

Marylene Ruiz

We stopped here on our way up to the mountains. We had their lunch special, choose a lunch size ramen and choose a bao sandwich for just $12. Very cool atmosphere and both the waitress and the chef were super nice. We will definitely be back soon! Worth the 45 minute drive for us.

Jenna Daley

The only reason I would say this deserves one star instead of zero would be that the waitress was nice and my margarita was good.. But, the food was TERRIBLE. I ordered potatoes and steak and cheese egg rolls for the kids. The potatoes were hard and tasteless. The rolls were burnt and I couldn't see any cheese. I ordered the cheese board and it was "chefs choice". This apparently means that they give you 2 small cuts of brie, four pieces of cheddar and four pieces of pepper jack garnished with a sliced strawberry for 12 BUCKS! These items plus 2 orange juices came out to 50 something dollars. I was highly disappointed.

Jenna Daley

The food was TERRIBLE for the insane prices!


I’ve been to this restaurant during the busy times when it first opened, when the food was good and reasonably priced, when the restaurant was busy. The clientele has dropped off, I can only assume from a decline in food quality and a marked increase in price. Gave the restaurant my final try today, and paid $100 for two sub-par meals and a server who spent most of her time hiding out back, to the point that the only other people to have interest in eating here waited so long for someone to come in and seat them that they left. I’m very much looking forward to this place going out of business and a better restaurant taking its place. I will not go back under current management. That is a shame for a city that is known primarily for chain restaurants. Don’t waste your time.

Bill Wheeler

They do have a great selection of whiskey and wine as the sign says. Got to try a whiskey I've never had before. The appetizers we're so good. Only issue was the meal. I had one of the Ramen dishes and liked it needed a little more taste. I went with 5 other people who were a bit disappointed. This place has the potential to be good. Needs a little more something.

A Druke

The ramen was great. Loved the roasted cauliflower. Our waitress was attentive. The gal bartending need to turn down the volume. Her voice was too loud.

Rick Vitagliano

Great cozy place, awesome foods. Try the bao tacos!

Kim C.

My husband and I had dinner here last night. The music and ambiance was great allowing friendly servers. I ordered salmon, rice with spinach, leeks and onions. It also came with honey roasted carrots...yummy. My husband had the stuffed chicken. Both meals were delicious however the portion sizes were disappointing. A bit on the small size. We both left looking around town at places we could go to later because we were going to be hungry soon. I'm not a drinker so I can't comment on the alcohol list. My husband had a mule which he said was good. I can tell you several patrons came into the restaurant while we were there. It was nice to see how the servers greeted them like they were family. There was a genuine interest in knowing that all was well with them and they were all happy to see each other again. You can also eat outdoors if you'd like. Overall, the food is good. There's a small selection of dinners options. I'd definitely visit again.

Maeve D.

After finishing a tour at the state house, we were debating where to go for lunch. We saw the sign for Whiskey and Wine and were intrigued. Turns out they're now open for lunch! We enjoyed three starters, a cocktail, a bourbon flight, and a dessert. It was a bit pricey but really delicious! We ordered the chicken dumplings, patatas bravas, and the arancini. Everything was so yummy no crumbs were left behind. They also have a rotating dessert menu which all of the options sounded great. We decided on the baileys chocolate mousse - holy moly we could not get enough. It came with a strawberry on top which was the perfect addition. Unfortunately we are from Michigan and won't be able to enjoy their food again soon, but we will 100% return the next time we're in Concord!

Pointless Broadcasting TV

This place was understaffed and completely disgusting. What I ask for a pizza they brought me cheesy bread. I would recommend no one to go here.

Charlene A.

Good food and yummy cocktails. We were promptly greeted and provided water immediately. My friend and I started with a cocktail. We chose the mussel appetizer which had nicely toasted bread for dipping and the mussels and broth were flavorful. Our entree choices were the pork belly ramen dish & the steak. The steak was cooked perfectly and the ramen dish had a nice variety of flavors. Our server, Rachel, was helpful and knowledgeable of the menu items, she was attentive that our dinner flowed as it should.