Burger King

35 Manchester Rd, Derry
(603) 434-9775

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Tasha Dion

This is the worst Burger King I have ever been to. Every time I have come here you have to wait forever and the employees are extremely rude. The manager was wearing a white t shirt covered in sweat and he was the rudest one of them all. I can’t believe corporate hasn’t done anything about this. Looking at the other reviews ; It’s obviously been like this for a long time.

Alexis Hammond

Drive thru has definitely improved. Very nice person taking our order and food came out great. 3/21/22 8:30pm

Rebecca Henderson

Went through the drive-thru on 3/3/22 at around 9 pm and the girl who took our order and served our food was probably the kindest, most cheerful and sweet person I’ve ever met at a BK drive-thru. I didn’t catch her name but she’s awesome and deserves recognition for her positivity and kindness especially since it was so late on a weeknight and she had to have been tired!

Tyler Reisdorf

I just rolled through there after a long day of work to pick up a meal, and the staff at the window was perhaps the most pleasant person I have ever spoken to at a fast food restaurant. The service was above and beyond, and the food was good, as expected.

Ron Petrin

Basic BK. No dine in option right now due to covid. Drive up only.

Lawrence Drury

Was told when ordering my lunch that they no longer offer the whopper on the 2 for 6 deal only to look it up online and see otherwise, the woman I assumed was management told me that it changed that morning.Being a bk customer for over 40 years and stopping at this store several times a week I will never frequent this store again.Very not impressed and plan to take this to the owner and corporate offices

John Bayrd

Horrible customer service! Asked for sweet and sour and the grinch at the window didn’t even respond just rolled her eyes and shut the window!

Thomas Paris

Really wasn't crazy about the service. You can’t tell it’s management. The blond girl (used to be really nice) suddenly rolling her eyes at me for asking for sauce and slamming the window in my face. My one star is for the government Bc that’s what it is and that’s why they’re overwhelmed. The blond girl has a heart of gold usually and I know it’s not her fault.

Nick Truskowski

This store is a joke even before the pandemic you stand there for over 20 minutes with 4 people walking by you and not even the decency to acknowledge your existence.

Morgan Jaquith

I went to pickup my mobile order. When I got to the BK location there was a car parked in the drive there going the opposite way and no one was around. I pulled up and parked in front there were two more cars but no one inside at all and all the doors were locked. I drove all the way there to pickup my order from the app and couldn’t even get it.

Derek Bencze

They're really understaffed and cannot keep up with the demand. Lobby is closed due to covid and the most people you'll typically find working even on the busiest of days is 2 people. Expect a long wait time.

Kit MacCulloch

They were very short handed. It took 45 minutes to get our lunch. Would not go there again

Ryan Doe

20 min in the drive through when no one is in front of me , then the biggest attitude ever at the winfow.maybe be prepared for lunch. lose the attitude .

Dennis Dutile Jr

They only had 2 people working while 3 people where in the office laughing and playing around. There where people at the drive through and at the counter. I had to wait 20 minutes to have the nice lady at drive through to come over and the lady at the sandwich station was really good and fast. I am surprised the employees didnt walk out.

Stacie Sager

They got my order correct but the drive through line moved very slow. The person at the window seemed very stressed out, I got the impression they were short handed as I didn't see anyone else up front helping her. ?

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