Domino's Pizza

61 Crystal Ave, Derry
(603) 432-6605

Recent Reviews

arianna gomes

I am beyond upset with dominos and their drivers, my boyfriend and I were behind one and he was going under the speed limit by about 10 mph and he continued to try to break check us and the last time he tried to he had almost got us in an accident meanwhile I am 20 weeks pregnant and if i got in an accident because of an irresponsible driver and me and my boyfriend got hurt and I lost my unborn child I will be unbelievable and dominos will have be taken to court for it. When we went in there to make a complaint they continued to yell at us and laugh at the fact I was pregnant. I had to step outside. Double check your drivers and your employees.

Heather Collins

Best "junk food" pizza around. Can't beat the $7.99/3 topping coupon. ?

Sara Castonguay

Staff is pleasant and my food is always prepared well. I take advantage of their deals and if there is something better that I'm not aware of, they tell me so I can get more for my money.

wesley box

Employees are a treasure, very hard working and dedicated. Probably one of the few places i’ve had 0 issues with.

Nickolas Q.

got some chicken alfredo. but they forgot my damn chicken bruh. unexceptable

Maryann Whalen

This is what they call a steak and cheese...gross!


Great customer service and friendly. Grandchildren gave it two thumbs up.

Maryann DiPietro Whalen

burnt cheese in the steak and cheese...horrible!

Michael Ferry

The 2 medium 2 topping pizza ? for $5.99 is a good deal

Bubba Leduc

Domino's has come a long way. They offer a variety of fresh, tasty things to eat from their appetizers to their pizzas and desserts.The restaurant is clean and welcoming, the employers are prompt, professional, and friendly.


Order was ready correct and at my car in 15 seconds! Awesome job!!

Arthur Rolo

ordered went to p/u paid for it and waited 20 min for it. all the time it was sitting on the shelf was not hot .this is not the first time. im done with dominos. and what ever points i have keep them. your not the only ones in town.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

James Knight

Not sure what happened earlier with a delivery but called back to see what went wrong but they corrected the issue and got my order back out to me at no charge just wanted to say thank you and my family and I will continue ordering from you guys

Sheila Wanat

Always has been great store to order from, polite people whether in person ,on phone are delivery or pick up. Just a great store

Debra K.

We order pizza from Domino's on Crystal Ave at least several times a week. I now get a call saying they do not deliver to our address. I was put on hold and was never asked to hold. The DM said they do not deliver here. Ridiculous. Do not order from them again. Rude. Then I called back and someone else answered and said the person in charge was not there until Thursday. Make up your mind. Then they'll deliver it once. No thank you my children are eating this food. I do not need these people messing with the food. Terrible service, terrible food.

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