Fody's Tavern

187 1/2 Rockingham Rd, Derry
(603) 404-6946

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Morgan Blaney

I was really enjoying the beer tent and stein holding competition until one of the announcers used the ‘fag’ slang word and that made me very uncomfortable. I do not think that is appropriate at all. Other than that it was a great experience but that left a sour taste in my mouth.

Lyn Pizzano

Food was very salty and over priced - the only thing I liked was the pretzel rolls. Definitely a one and done place.

Christopher Perez

Highly would NOT recommend having any events catered here. The quality of food didn't even come close to matching the absurd prices for their catering option. The staff was the only positive.

Larry Morton

This place was great it's a good stop to wind on down for the day

Rocco Mandaglio

Service was good today. Although other times it's hit or miss. Food was good and drinks were very good.

Gretchen Rothrock Kimball

Too much time for 2nd round of drinks to be served. Saw server swipe finger through the rim of my friends margarita and taste it to see which one had the sugar rim and which one was salt. Thankfully she was drinking through a straw. Pizza ordered to go had barely any sauce or cheese on it.


Nachos and chicken wings awesome ? Sunday is $5 dollar off Sunday no burgers we had burgers day before. Awesome food drinks and food good $$$. Ms Bailey on deck who is awesome as the bartender she is adorable and is great ? Your neighbors say awesome ?

Michelle Cilley Foisy

Unfortunately we had a horrible experience with Fody’s tavern. My daughter ordered the power bowl and we had ordered it online for pickup. I was in a rush so I picked it up and it turned out to be only spinach and a few vegetables on top. There were no chickpeas and no quinoa. I called and was told by the manager he would credit my card and five days later still no credit! I will not ever go back.

Bill Trickett

good food, good service and nice out on the deck.

Keith Shevlin

Pleasant evening. Megan our server was attentive and acted like a grizzled veteran with ony one month experience. Hope she stays on. Rob the chef was a class act and checked in. Place had a nice vibe. Food was good and I'd go back. Heard about this place but first time here. Pleasantly surprised. They have good help and it starts from top down. Going out to eat now in post Covid times is a hit or miss

Jessica Davidson

Sitting here on wednesday at 7 pm. And absolutely amazed with the staff!!!Keep it up Yall!!!!!!!!Trivia with Jay is normally on wednesdays but if it doesnt happen tonight for sports will be back next week!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Dom B.

Usually I have a good time here with good food and drink selections, tonight was quite an awkward experience...Cold shouldered and treated badly by one of the lead bar tenders. Almost rushed out and charged on drinks not received. The rest of the staff was excellent. Worth a stop in.

Jay B.

If you're familiar with the phrase, "Ya gotta take the bitter with the better", then you'll likely relate to my first impressions with this particular Fody's. You see, I liked almost everything about this place....except for one thing (seems like there's always one). So far as I know, there are only two Fody's in Southern NH. Most of you know I've already reviewed the Nashua one. Without retreading the same territory, all you need to know about the difference between the two is the fact that the Derry location is much bigger. Probably helps that they have a stand-alone building as opposed to their more compacted Nashua location. That's life downtown, I guess. The menus are pretty much identical. I wish I could say the same for the execution, however (we'll get to that in a minute). But for the most part, the food here is still really good. Especially the pizza! I was honestly surprised. We were attending my bestie's daughter's Sweet 16 party. Which meant renting out the entire first floor (kudos to the management for being so accommodating) with a dedicated bartender, streamable music via Bluetooth speakers, and a smorgasbord type setup of various appetizers and a few pizzas. I won't go over every appetizer. But the highlights were the spinach artichoke dip and pizzas. The cheese steak egg rolls were okay, but not something I'd really go out of my way to order again. I'd give the pizza an 8 out of 10. It wasn't quite NY style, but it was damn close. About that burger I had though.. Wifey got one, too (the Bleu cheeseburger) and BLUF: both were criminally under seasoned. I wish the travesties stopped there, but noooo...the buns were inexplicably hard as rocks. At first, I thought maybe they toasted them a bit too long. But they actually tasted stale as if they grabbed them from a sample plate. Anyways, whole thing tasted like it was cooked by a donkey. Which is weird, considering their Nashua counterpart makes excellent burgers. Like...some of the best we've ever tasted in the NH area. I'm telling you...these two locations are polar opposites when it comes to the burgers. And I have no idea why. Even the texture was off. So, I gotta give these obviously pan seared grease hockey pucks a 3 out of 10. If you wanna try a real burger, head to the Nashua location. But like I said, everything else about this place is really good. I briefly checked out the upstairs bar just to see what it was like. However, I quickly left after about 30 seconds because it was way too peopley up there. They are easy to spot on Rockingham road. Worth a go if you live in or nearby my former hometown. And I'm giving Fody's in Derry 4 almost-NY style pizzas out of 5.

Giuseppe Rotondo

AwfulDirty martini was made completely wrong(twice). Steak tips no flavor, FF that cam with it cold soggy. Not impressed. Girlfriend drink made wrong first time, second time it didn't have any of the garnishes or sugar rim that was described on the drink menu.Besides that the weather was nice outside.

Brandon C.

Great spot! Some good food, only one dish was meh, but the rest were solid. Drinks were tasty with a nice kick. Server was very friendly. It took a bit for the apps to come out, but once they did the food started rolling. They were pretty busy and only had one server on so you could tell he was hustling. We were there on a Tuesday and were surprised with musical bingo which was loads as fun as a group, and sitting next to the fireplace made for great ambience.

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