Kelsen Brewing Company

80 N High St, Derry
(603) 965-3708

Recent Reviews

Ed Redmond

Some of the best brewed beer in the area. The Battle Axe IPA and Paradigm Brown Ale are money. Great pizza too.

Justin Miller

I wish there were half stars cause they're better than 4 but not quite 5! But that's pretty darn good.


Nice little brewery. Excellent pizza. Enjoyed some 4 oz. ($2) short servings of a few of their beers. No free tastings. The beers are pretty good. The interior of the brewery is kind of dark, improved lighting would help the appearance.

Tony Eaton

Today was my first day having Kelsens. My wife and I have been disappointed with the local food quality in the area as of late. So we figured we’d try something new. The pizza (Buffalo Chicken) was absolutely amazing. It was the right flavor and right amount of everything in our opinion. If you’ve ever had a Buffalo chicken pizza that all you can taste is Buffalo and overpowers everything this is not it. This was perfect. We will definitely be making Kelsens our first choice going forward.

colton cyr

Nice little Brewery in Derry. Nothing crazy but I enjoyed my time there with my family. Really good food. I enjoyed the Sour beers more but I'll keep this place in mind when I want to stay local.

Rob Hamel

Great beer, great pizza in a laid back, relaxing setting. One of our favorite breweries in the state. Consistently top notch offerings!


My favorite beer is their Hellas and they have the BEST pulled pork pizza around

Michael Boucher

Nice place but small. Limited food selection with the exception of the pizzas which are versatile with perfect crusts. The beer is great. The sour ale series is so good that my wife enjoyed it and she doesn't like beer!

Tommy Pelletier

Stopped by here for the first time the other day. Had a ton of variety of beer on tap and in cans. Beers were priced right and very good. I didn't get a chance to try the pizza but I've heard good things. This place is very clean but really has no atmosphere/character. Overall ill stop in time to time but it wont make it a must go to for me

Bill D.

Stopped here with my dad this past Sunday. They had 10-15 picnic tables out front, and a few tables inside. A pretty good selection of craft beer. We both had 2 pints of the Spacetown light lager. If you don't like the heavy beers, this one is for you. We ordered a large Xtra cheese pizza as well. It was the best pizza I've had in a long time. The crust had a nice crunch to it, and the cheese was fantastic. I highly recommend Kelsen Brewery.

Rory McDonald

Excellent beers, great pizza and nice service. The regular brews like Battle-axe IPA are always worth revisiting, and the Cryptic Project brews are definitely worth a try. Nice outdoor seating area.

Dee McDee

Great pizzas and wonderful beer. Well run operation as well.

Courtney M.

Wow! Great Beers & Amazing Pizza! Great Service & Friendly Staff! We Visited Here On A Vacation From Cali & Were Not Disappointed! Highly Recommend

Alec Sehr

Friendly staff and great beers. Also love you the fantasy adventure theme.

Larry Johnson

Great pizzas and they don't just brew IPA's.

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