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Todd Brown

Employee was fantastic! Super nice and accurate with food order. 1 burger was hot and fresh but 2nd burger was Luke warm at best. It would have been a 5 star review, but the 2nd burger brought the score down.Parking: Plenty

Steven U.

Waited in line they took other line Oder before me and he was behind me smh will never go to this McDonald's again zero stars from me worst customer service ever

Douglas DeVicariis

Worst McDonald's I have ever been to. We ordered two big Macs, two fries and chicken nuggets. The big Macs were horribly made, the fries were stale and the nuggets were cold and soggy. I don't even know how it could be done so badly. On top of all of that, they were slow and the people at the window were doing more chatting than getting people's orders. Do not go to this McDonald's. They don't hold any of the brand's standards.


Haven’t had an overly bad experience with the food quality. It is McDonalds. But the younger staff there are obnoxious and can’t seems to get orders right ALL the time. Plus they just stand around and don’t even try to help customers waiting in line. This generation is doomed when reality hits them in their 20’s LOL.I’ll still come here though.


The early fry cooks are completely braindead. I order mobile app so the hard part is done, LITERALLY just read the order in front of you so theres no confusion. 4/5 times my order is incorrect, and its not a tricky order. Only reason I continue to go here is because its the closest one. Order is half correct almost every time, I ask for no mustard and extra pickles on a mcdouble thats literally it. They get the no mustard part right (So they read the order) and then don’t add ANY pickles. They want $15 an hour but cant read a screen telling them EXACTLY what to make, absolutely insane.

T Marie

I don't understand what is going on at this McDonalds..... I do understand that since Wendy's [closed a couple months ago] that it has gotten busier, but waiting for a half hour every time now when I have only a half hour break from work is so stressful. I watched 4 cars pull out of line because of the wait time. I feel like it's maybe becoming a management issue.

Charlotte V.

Cant give me basic cup's service is super slow even if there's no one in here and one employee is extremely rude to my children

Jason O'Rourke

Wish I didn't have to write this but I really do. I ordered my meal on the app for mobil order pick up. Don't do that. I spent almost 45 min waiting when I was told "5 min wait time usually". They weren't very busy at all so I can't see why I had to wait but not only that I was forced to call the store and ask what's going on with my food that I ordered AND paid for. Finally got my food and the employee that brought it out said absolutely nothing to me nor did anyone else for making me wait so long. They also got the order WRONG on top of all that. Very unprofessional experience from this place McDonald's. Please do better with teaching the people who work for you because I'm not mcloving it at all. Not even a apology from the manager at the store even when we spoke. I will NOT be coming back nor recommending anyone else to either.

Brad Jobel

If I want 25 minute ticket times, there are a lot better places to go to. And all orders are packed to go and not announced when ready, even you sit at a table with a tent number that is on your receipt.

Tyler L

COME HERE IF YOU WANT TO BE FORGOT: They always forget my drinks and have been waiting for 8 minutes for a fry with the rest of my order in my car. Longest drive-through wait I've ever experienced. The Wendy's across the street has lower wait times. Also this location should not have two drive through order spots, half the time if you're at the one on the right they don't notice you for 5-10 minutes.

hannah wagley

tonight i had the worst experience i have ever had at any fast food place. i placed a mobile order and went to go pick it up. at the speaker, they told me they received no mobile orders and to drive up to the window. when i got there, i was asked to repeat my order code several times and while it was a little frustrating, i understand that problems like these are out of the empolyees’ control. then, a man (who i believe is named william) walks up, pushing the employee to the side yelling a total at me. i told him i had a mobile order and ignoring me, he repeated a random total that was not mine (plus i already paid on the app). finally he listened to the employee saying i had a mobile order and this man YELLED at me saying that if i don’t have a code i cannot get my food. i have never in my life raised my voice at a worker until tonight when this middle aged angry man decided to scream at me completely unprovoked. i told him for the 100th time that i have a code and repeated it once again. he walked off and the poor employee apologized for william and said he treats everyone like that and makes them miserable. eventually, after more rudeness from william, they figured out the issue and gave me my food. but god, this makes me never want to go back here and william needs to be fired. what a miserable man.

gabbi barressi

Went to this mcdonald’s the wait is horrible but besides that my food was absolutely gross!!! Staff and the managers are awful they don’t care about anything but themselves while waiting 20+ minutes finally one employe came and helped after seeing my frustration she was the only nice one there!! I made conversation with her she apologized and made it seem like she cared thank you miley!!

Daniel Zabriskie

The worker named Cassandra was an amazing wormed who helped me so much through my no cheese predicament. She understood what I needed and made sure it was accomplished


3 times now I've ordered a crispy chicken sandwich through DoorDash and they've forgotten the extra chicken fillet, yet they remember to put on the bacon strips, pickles, and the mayo that I ask for extra! That's a whole $2.69 down the toilet! They've only gotten it right twice and it's the only Mcdonalds close enough to show up on DoorDash. These guys are up to something... How do you forget the extra chicken fillet but STILL INCLUDE THE OTHER EXTRA ITEMS YOU HAVE TO SEE ON THE ORDER TO PUT ON THE SANDWICH!

Stacy Greenlaw

We ordered a large and small ice coffee. How hard is it to get that right. Almost completely milk. I can’t even taste the coffee

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