Rig A Tony's Italian Takeout & Catering

38 West Broadway, Derry
(603) 425-6116

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Pauline Dube

My husband had Rigatonis catered for my 60th birthday. We had a lot of apps, fruit platter, del sandwich’s, wraps, mushrooms,scallops wrapped in bacon ….so much more and I am not at all disappointed. They did a great job. Will definitely use them again.Thank You

Terrence Amiro

Chicken alfredo was runny and had very little flavor. Meatballs were overcooked and dry. One was almost burnt.Very disappointed.

Rosie A.

My husband and I are very much "foodies" and eat out pretty often. I'm an actress and model so we travel often which means eating out. I stopped at Rigatonies last night after a nearby appointment. It was my first time there. I got a to go order of chicken Marsala to bring home. We shared the order and both of us agreed that it was literally the best chicken Marsala we've ever had anywhere. I'll be stopping in anytime I'm in that area.


What can I say about Rig A Tony's?? The food that you get from there is not only authentic Italian food, but it is fantastic food and in true Italian tradition the portion sized are unbelievable. But more than that the owner is a truly hard-working person. She is always cooking away making sure that you get the very best. I'm going to add that I put cheap eats but that does not sacrifice the quality of food. I got the Chicken Marsala soooooo good....


We come from a Italian Family ( DeFrancesco ) and I have been eating my Nana’s Italian cooking for ever and we are always in search for a tasty Italian restaurant with traditional Italian style Food and we were so impressed with the selection and taste. We highly recommend this wonderful Home cooking Italian Delicious food. Rig A Tony’s gets Nana’s Vote and 5 Star Stephen DeFrancesco

Jen T.

I hate to leave a bad review but the worst customer service. If I'm paying a lot of money for food I expect people to treat a person right. Apparently they don't need the money. So go to a place that needs it.

Brian M.

Great foodI had a really great chicken parm with rigatony and they gave me a slice of pizza while I waited love the way the place smells when I walk in the people are super friendly will definitely be back

Bill P.

I have been buying meals at Rig A Tony's for many many years. Always been happy with the food and the prices. Sometimes the Derry location was a bit disorganized...but the food was good. NO MORE...My understanding is that Lisa (who was the sole proprietor) now has some partners, and they have expanded, and seemingly are going UPSCALE in their PRICES. So, I wanted TWO meatballs - $5 EACH !! No thanks. Ordered a dinner for 1-2. Received 2 slices of bread, and a SMALL Salad for ONE. Watched the register person put the Grated cheese on the meal with his fingers. (UGH) Now they charge an additional 3% if you pay using a credit card....just adds insult to injury.The prices of the food have gotten out of hand (for what you get)....unfortunately I have to wonder about the long term viability of Rig A Tony's...The prices have gone UPSCALE, but the food is still the same. Really $5 for a meatball? Lisa what are you thinking? Best of Luck.

Stacie Possien LaValley

For the past 5 yrs I have had Rig A Tony’s cater my sons celebration of life. Lisa and her crew never disappoints!! The food arrives on time and hot !! This year I ordered online with ez cater and was a little nervous, but without fail everything came on time and perfect !! The food is amazing ! Even just the pasta and sauce that comes with chicken Parm is raved about ! The Sicilian pizza is great and a full tray double cut serves plenty and worth the cost ! If you need a caterer don’t hesitate to call Lisa and crew ! Thanks Rig A Tony’s Stacie LaValley

Carissa Gilloon

We had Rig-A-Tony's cater our wedding. Everything about our experience was fantastic! Let me say that I am a home cook, so I can definitely be a bit of a snob when it comes to food, and have always had amazing food at Rig-A-Tony's. Everything for the wedding (and every meal I've ever had from them) was cooked and seasoned absolutely perfectly. It smelled amazing and tasted even better! Everyone kept saying how delicious the food was and since the wedding, we've had a couple of other smaller family events and have had Rig-A-Tony's cater those as well. I've never been disappointed by them and will continue to count on them for our future catering needs! I've also had great experiences from the grab & go market they have on South Ave in Derry!

Scott Menario

Shout out to Rigatony’s, this past Sunday we ordered a Steak and cheese spunkies and a single calzone. Both were excellent. The steak was awesome…

Dianne Talty

Please update your Derry South Ave site to indicate Permanently Closed. I checked the hours you have listed on line as open 11am to 7pm.Twice I drove to the South Ave location and it was closed. Today it looked permanently closed. So infuriating to waste my time driving there. Looks like Rigatoni has given up on Derry.Thanks Lisa for your reply. Glad to hear you are still working on opening Derry.I didn't receive a PM from you as you indicated. Planning on visiting Windham location tomorrow. Thanks again

Marion Gerrish

Thank you for supporting the Marion Gerrish Community Center! We loved the delicious meatballs at our 50th Anniversary Celebration. We are looking forward to the reopening of the Derry location!

Cliff C.

Avoid Bedford, just had 5th and final trip - completely done with this place. The only nice thing we have to say is they have big portions. Expect your food to be wildly late, way to early, or your order to be wrong altogether. Today was my last experience there, order ready far too soon, so a sticky overcooked mess when I got home. Said something to the girl at the counter - got a shrug in reply. Obviously do not value their customers and I will be actively warning off friends and family. Don't waste your money or your time.

Brittany Smith

I have ordered large platters for parties before and recently got several items because of our crazy schedule at home and not enough time to cook and I’m glad I did!!!! Everything we got was absolutely amazing. The chicken pot pie was fresh, warm and probably the best chicken pot pie I’ve had! I also got a soup and the chicken parm - both so good! The gentleman working was so kind and accommodating too. We will definitely be frequenting more often!

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Rig A Tony's Italian Takeout & Catering

38 West Broadway, Derry, NH 03038
(603) 425-6116