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1308 Hooksett Road, NH-28, Hooksett
(603) 641-2999

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Dale Hollins

Great food and prices. Service was greatFood: 5/5

Paul Courtemanche

Haven't been here in a while. My wife and I both enjoyed our meals.The food was good and prepared correctly. My before meal salad was a generous size. Our server was friendly. They only thing that could have been better was that the music was too loud.Food: 5/5

Paul Richards

Stopped in for lunch, had to wait a bit to have someone seat us but other than that everything was fine. Our server was friendly and efficient and the food was prepared well.Food: 5/5

Katie-Jo Lao

We had an awesome server, Alejandro was funny, personable, and very attentive. The food was wonderful as ever. 10/10 today.


We've gone here to the Hingham 99 on and off for years. Over the last few years the menu has devolved to what the old Friendlies or Howard Johnson restaurants used to serve. Almost the entire menu of seafood and chicken is breaded. And if it isn't breaded, it's fried. Used to be able to ask for clean scallops or fish without all the breading. There are other things on their menu that have changed down to the lowest common denominator. Not really worth getting into it. Wife and I have watched the change over the last couple years. They have become 'Applebees' .Will probably end up going down the same worm hole. Disappointing.

Stephen Priest

Wow ?! Prices have gone up! At least the popcorn ? is still free ?! My daughter devoured it! Food was good though portion to price was a little small. Thanks inflation! Looking for a place to eat that was open late on Sunday, we chose 99 because my daughter asked for macaroni and cheese ?. I had the baked fish ? tacos and my friend, she had the Grilled Balsamic Chicken with broccoli ? and rice ?. Everyone enjoyed their meal. Service was great ?! Only issue, I wished they had swept up the popcorn under our table before we sat down. Free refills on our teas. WiFi available if you are a member of their rewards club.Speaking ?️ of rewards, I took advantage of one, free dessert. I had an American Cheeseburger ? first then the Baked Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie ? with ice-cream. Yummy!If you don't mind franchise food and like the 99, I recommend this one.

Gorgon The Dragon

i dunno what happened in the past few months but what a wreck this place has become. it was uncomfortable and embarrassing, i watched unfinished dishes get served to the bar where they told him "his scollops were still being made"our waiter took only one of our orders before walking away and it was 5 min before he came back and my other had to wave him down for his order, it would be 20 min before he got his soup. staff were leaving our dirty plates on tables before going to sit down and chat with eachother DIRECTLY BEHIND US.when we finally got our entrees in our mashed was luke-warm at best as had cooled off enough to form a shell around it, it was dry, and there was no butter. they dont even touch what looks like a garnishing station right outside the windowi could go on but this place has bad managing if i have ever seen it, and i don't know whats worse, if thats how they trained the servers or if there was nobody training them.

Philip Falco

Went in for a few drinks at the bar. It was fairly late so there werent that many people there. The man behind the bar was attentive and gave quick service. Good place to go if you're looking for somewhere to grab a drink.

Ronald B

Very little signage to denote restaurant was in nondescript office building. Ordered Bacardi with Coke, didn’t have Bacardi (most unusual) and didn’t tell us. Had oysters and cherry stones which were fine. Ordered mussels which were the smallest and most tasteless I have ever seen anywhere. The mussels should not have been served to anyone. For a restaurant touting seafood this was ridiculous, not to mention everything was pricey, cocktails way overpriced. Will never go there again nor tell anyone I know to go there.

Uriah Rogers

I love the 99 go to the one in Manchester often. I was close to this one thought I'd give it a try. I wish I would have driven the extra distance. The food came out semi cold. My steak was really tough but taste was there potatoes cold. And everyone I was with had there own complaints. If it wasent for the server being so nice it would be a one star. GO TO MANCHESTER!!!!!!

Paul Leavitt

I ate there with my family last week and everything was great. The service was a little slow but the food was excellent ??

Vickie Yarbrough Welch

Great bar service. Awesome margaritas.

Jon G

Good meal. Moderately prices. Clean. Staff is friendly, courteous, and attentive. Regular booths or raised booths. There's a large bar area. They had several rounds of trivia questions at the bar with gift certificates as prizes.

Donald H.

Steak tips and seafood trio was outstanding! Becca was very nice and attentive and just great all around service!!!

Rene Schultz Author

I ordered takeout. Never in ten years of ordering the same thing for lunch or dinner have j had to ask for kind size to get 2 pieces of chicken for almost $15. All of a sudden I have to ask because their menus do change a lot? No sorry. And my receipt has nothing to show what I paid $45 for 3 meals for. Nice scam

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