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219 Lowell Rd, Hudson
(603) 889-6487

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Ted McMichael

Our whoppers tasted good, but getting our order straight was a hassle, and we did not get precisely what we ordered. It took too long to explain what we wanted; we thought it was simple, but somehow they could not understand. Then there was no cheese on our whoppers, and I got onions on mine when I had asked for them not to be included.

Amy McKeon

Very slow drive-thru. Their speaker system is quite crackly so we had to ask the cashier to repeat himself twice and still felt like "whatever you said, sure!" We like Burger King better than McDonald's food so in that way it was worth it, but would not intentionally visit again because it was an eight-minute wait for our food (two cars ahead of us; felt like they made each order once you got to the payment/pickup window since each of our three cars seemed to have the order confirmed at the window then it was prepped.

Cassidy N.

Over the past six months it's went down hill. Our order is always wrong, and the person at the drive thru never seems to understand what we're saying, no matter how clearly we say it or how many times we repeat it.

Shino Puppy

Moderate accuracy, horrible speed.This burger king is the closest to me, but sadly the worst of the local ones. Every time I've gone, the service has taken 20+ minutes for small drive-thru orders when not really busy, the orders are rarely made correctly (I usually end up having to toss multiple items), and the staff is usually rude and does not follow COVID procedures (no mask, gloves, etc). They also usually do not give receipts, I suspect to prevent feedback from being submitted.Take the extra few minutes and go to the one on Main St in Nashua. It's a little further, but a lot better.

Joe Caliendo, Jr.

Far and away, the worst experience I have ever had at a Burger King in my life. 20 minutes through the drive thru, which I can only assume was so they could burn our 2 impossible whopper patties into cardboard (although, that would be an offense to actual cardboard)...while the cheese on top stayed completely cold. Oh, and the kicker was that the gentleman at the window wasn’t even masked properly. This restaurant should be brought up to the board of health if only for the inability to properly protect their guests with appropriate masking. Just abysmal.

Jb Nyce

Waste of staff they struggle with understanding English, when taking someone’s order than get Up noxious with you. When you tell them they got your order wrong than the manger in his broken English this is what we charged you for. Fire the whole staff and hire better bilingual employees!

Daniel Martin

Placed an order and wasn't given correct change. When I brought it to the server Lisa's attention, she said she couldn't make correct change due to not having any pennies and was more concerned about shorting her drawer than shorting the customer.It wouldn't have bothered me so much except she didn't bring it to my attention to begin with. She instead tried to slip it by me. Knowing this, I INSISTED on getting my correct change and she then became very rude and disrespectful towards me.I won't be going back. Absolutely horrible customer service!

don levesque

This place sucksSat in drive thru for 10 minutes and it didnt move one car length so I backed out and went inside and it was the same lousy service

Dana Sion

The food and service was excellent, fast and friendly. This location offers much better quality and service than the other Hudson location on Central St.

Komeeka Farm

Fast food? I don't think so.One car in front of me. Took 20 minutes for a Whopper. Ridiculous

D. D. Harrison

Worst drive thru experience to date. Not enough employees and service was poor for customers.


It is explicitly stated on this burger kings official that guests may request a meat free option of the impossible whopper by not cooking it on the broiler. Was told by incredibly rude woman at the window that they could not do because it "wouldn't cook all the way through". Do not advertise this if you won't do it!! Unacceptable, and in fact, NOT vegetarian!! And the rudeness from that woman was equally unacceptable and unprofessional! Don't go here!

Sean Hamilton

went to burger king today ordered online, get there they say they cant process online orders and to call corporate, so i pay for my toddlers and my food and dont get any food... are you kidding me.

Jerry Wallace

I like this restaurant! They have high quality food, they have a nice menu, The chief cook in that spot is well trained, I love very much eating all their food. The food is consistently fresh and tasty, the service towards the guests is helpful. I frequently visit this place and I was never discontended. Highly recommended.

Jeffry Nieves Wood

Went through the drive-thru. Order was accurate, food was good.

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